It’s time to change the way we interact with our food. With aquaponics, we’re empowering communities to grow their own food while inspiring future generations to play an active role in our world’s food system.



What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the combination of growing fish, plants and beneficial bacteria in an enclosed ecosystem. The fish provide waste for the bacteria that convert it into the perfect nutrition for the plants. The plants use that nutrition for abundant growth and in doing to filter the water for the fish. The fish get the clean water returned to them and the cycle begins anew!

Aquaponics Programming

Aquaponics is a living, thriving ecosystem in a container. It is also highly efficient at growing abundant amounts of food. It is easy to approach and maintain but complex in its symbiotic design. Aquaponics is a great tool for growing food, for teaching students at any level of science, technology, engineering, math and much more. It’s also a great tool for workforce development, personal skill development, and therapeutic programming. Click below to see all the innovative ways aquaponics can be used.