Weekly Harvest 6/23/2017

Happy Friday!

Summer is officially here! We just celebrated the longest day of the year with the summer solstice. For those of you growing outdoors, this is that great time of year where it seems like you see new growth and get new harvests virtually every day. If you are not growing aquaponically, remember to keep your plants well watered as it helps them manage the heat of the summer and prevent bolting and burning.

In this week’s harvest.

1. Client Updates

This week we checked back in on the Grove school to see how they are making out with their student-designed DIY vertical aquaponics system. They already made their first harvest and sale, only three weeks into their project! They harvested some of their lemon balm and mint using it to make tea. The next step for them is to approach the coffee cart at their school about purchasing their next harvest to sell as loose leaf tea. This class is a great example of how even a small aquaponics system can enhance the classroom experience. These students are not only learning about biology and ecosystems but also horticulture skills, eco-design, and even some entrepreneurial skills.

Grove Student Designed DIY Vertical Aquaponics System

2. Company Updates

Great week of progress at the farm this week. We got the lighting infrastructure installed and ready for our electrician to finalize the outlets’

Andrew installing the supports for our grow lights

layout. We also got a few more deliveries of farm supplies including another fish tank, our lights for the farm, seeding and microgreens areas, and all the pumps and blowers to run the system. We’ll throw on another coat of epoxy this weekend for good measure and then start on the floor buildout of the farm.

3. Blog Posts

This week we added two new blogs to the site. The first post was a continuation of our series on exponential technology. We looked in depth at vertical farming innovations and how they are providing urban farmers in particular exponential gains in harvest potential in a given space. With vertical farming, the urban farming business model becomes a lot more practical in a lot more urban areas. This will help not only create more places for urban farms but also incentive more people to become urban farmers. Click here to see how vertical farming is advancing this industry.

The second post this week should help out all budding aquaopioneers as we identified our 7 keys to a perfect harvest. While geared towards aquaponics any gardener can benefit from a lot of these keys to success. To see what you need to be growing the produce of your dreams click here.

4. Industry News

The urban farming and controlled environment agriculture industries are on fire. This week we released an opinion piece on lasts weeks news of Plenty acquiring Bright Agrotech and Bowery receiving over $20 million in investment. We discussed what this means for the industry and small farmers.

We also reported on a Jacksonville non-profit that is using aquaponics as a tool to end poverty and teach youths life-skills. Seeing how various organizations use aquaponics as more than just a way to grow food is always inspiring. That’s why we love aquaponics so much. It can be a tool for so many other benefits beyond abundant quality food.

5. Featured Product

Trifecta Cotton Tote Bag

This week we are featuring our Trifecta Tote bag in the shop. With summer upon us, it’s officially farmers market season. Our Trifecta tote is the perfect way for you to have convenience at the markets while being eco-conscious and supporting the City that Feeds IteslfTM. Grab yours today and be set all summer whether you’re at the market, at the beach, or at a picnic, you’ll have the perfect bag to carry you through the day’s fun! Click here to grab yours!

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