Meriden Sprout Food Hub 1 – Project Update #2

Scrape Like There’s No Tomorrow

Andy and Spencer Scrape in the High Beams

Our new location is a very unique space. That was the big appeal to us right from the start. The steel beams, the brick facade and the split between large open warehouse and office space made it a great fit for us. But it had been a while since anyone had occupied the space and needless to say it showed. We knew we were going to have a lot of work to make it ready for farming and so this past month we have been working night and day to get us to that point. While our contractors finished up building out the infrastructure for our seeding room, commercial kitchen and USDA research facility, we have been busy beavers getting the entire space ready for a new coat of paint.

This involved using the scissor lift and our monkey skills to scrape every nook and cranny of the building. It took us a little over two weeks to hit every spot. Not only did we need to scrape but we had to remove a lot of the old infrastructure from years and years of tenants. This involved old conduit, old plumbing lines capped off, and in some of the more neglected areas, an inch thick blanket of dirt and debris. We may have gone through a few outfits each in getting it all done, but after all is said it done it was well worth the sacrifice to our hands, backs and wardrobe.

It seemed like Kieran went through a pair of gloves every other day

Paint Time

Once we finally had the the place all scraped and cleaned it was on to the fun part, a new coat of paint. Anytime we get to use a new toy it’s always a fun day for us but the paint sprayer in particular was a blast to use. After what felt like we were taking forever to get the place ready to paint, the sprayer felt like we were really accomplishing a lot very quickly. What would have taken us likely a month to do by hand, we were able to coat the space in just under a week with this handy gadget. Shout out to the telescoping extension arms for allowing us to reach every nook and cranny of our 26 foot ceilings!

What’s Up Next?


We’re now two and a half months into our build-out and just about ready to start building out our farm. The last step before we can break ground is getting the floor ready. We’ll be sanding and polishing the cement in preparation to pour in some self leveling concrete. This will ensure that we are working on an even surface and can use gravity to move water through the system wherever possible. Once the floor is leveled and dried we will be epoxying it to ensure that if for any reason water was ever to leak from the system it’s gonna stay where it is until it drains through our floor drains. We’ve come to love our space and our neighbors and we’re taking this precaution to ensure an accident in our space won’t affect anyone else around us.

After that it’s time to start building out our first system! We’re excited with our progress thus far and now that we’re painting the space out it’s finally starting to look better and that’s motivating us even more. We’ll regularly updating our instagram and facebook with behind the scenes pics and video of our build-out. With the farm build-out on the horizon now is the time to follow us if you do not already.

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