Scuba Diver Turns To Aquaponics In Dubai

Known around the world as the city that bloomed seemingly overnight in the harsh desert, Dubai has quickly become a global financial and technological powerhouse as it pushes back against an unforgiving climate. For French scuba diver Jason Renoux, Dubai offered many amenities, but lacked the fresh produce he desired, so he turned to a DIY aquaponics project to fill in the gap.

“It’s very simple to build. I’m not a DIY guy, but I know how to use my hands, “Jason told The National in a recent interview. He acquired most of the equipment for the project from local pet and garden supply shops, but could not find a source of local tilapia for his system. Instead, he turned to goldfish and a single (large) koi fish to provide the fertilizer for his DIY system. He now shares what his has learned on his website,, where he provides information for other would-be DIY aquapioneers.

But trying to run an aquaponics system in one of the hottest, dryest places on Earth isn’t easy. During the hottest three months of the year, Jason find it easier to shut his system down than to try and mitigate the unrelenting heat of the summer sun.

Yet this project demonstrates that aquaponics can work anywhere, even in a city where scorching heat and lack of rain are the norm. Furthermore, it is another example of the gregarious nature of aquapioneers such as Jason, who has documented and shared his findings in an effort to help other people wanting to build DIY systems.He’s our kind of future farmer.

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