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Growing Made Simple

Bringing STEM education to the classroom has never been so easy. With the aGrow, you can provide an entirely new kind of experiential learning. Create hands-on lessons in science, math, engineering and more.


Engage Students of All Ages

Easy to use and maintain

Perfect for providing hands-on learning

Grows edible vegetables, herbs, and more in a controlled environment

Includes a built-in sensor system for remote control from anywhere

Grows over 10 plants at a time

Portable wheeled cart, making it easy to share with multiple classrooms!

Breakthrough Technology Like You’ve Never Seen Before


Built-in smart process control system

aGrow’s sensor system technology allows you to monitor and control your system from anywhere using your phone


Integrated sensors

Monitor air temperature, humidity, water temperature, pH levels, nitrate levels, and more


High-quality full spectrum LEDs

Grow healthy, fresh greens in no time with aGrow’s full spectrum LED lighting

Get The Most Out Of Your aGrow

With our Aquaponics-as-a-Service package, you’ll learn about classroom gardening in a whole new way. The AaaS package includes:

  • Unlimited use of the City that Feeds Itself™ NGSS curriculum
  • Professional development for teachers & administrators
  • “White Glove” service & maintenance all year round
  • 3-year full system warranty and upgrades
  • Yearly system consumables (fish, plants, and nutrients)
  • Smart sensor with app
  • Remote control capabilities


Q: How much space is needed for an aGrow system?

A: The aGrow system requires a 20”(D) x 32.25”(W) x 60.5”(H) space.

Q: What kind of fish are used in an aGrow?

A: Fish commonly used in an aGrow system are dannios, platys, and cory catfish.

Q: What kind of plants can be grown in an aGrow?

A: In general, any leafy green or herb can be grown in the aGrow. We highly recommend kale, swiss chard, and basil.

Q: What other products or tools come with the aGrow?

A: Supplemental nutrients, fish food, testing supplies, and sensor callibration solution.

Q: How much power does the aGrow consume?

A: We recommend plugging the aGrow into a 15 amp outlet, running on a 120V circuit.

Q: What kind of school subjects can be taught using the aGrow?

A: The aGrow can be used to supplement STEM subjects such as math, science, engineering, design, and more.

Q: How much time is spent daily on upkeep and maintenance of the aGrow?

A: The aGrow can be managed in about 5 minutes per day, including only a minute or two to feed fish!

Q: What kind of payment options are there for the aGrow?

A: The aGrow can be purchased through our Aquaponics-as-a-Service package, which includes a 3-year service and maintenance contract. At the end of the 3 years, you will own your system! The system can also be purchased alone through a one-time payment.

Q: What kind of servicing is included with the aGrow?

A: With your purchase of an aGrow system, you will receive one year of service from our team of aquaponics technology experts. This includes training with teachers and students on how to use the system, planting and harvesting training, and hardware and software maintenance.

Q: What will happen to the aGrow during summer and winter school breaks?

A: Trifecta’s White-Glove service team will break down your system during school breaks (if the break is over 2 weeks long), and safely move fish and plants back to our farm. We will then return your system and consumables when school starts up again. If your break is less than 2 weeks long, we will visit your school and maintain your system ourselves.

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