Top 5 Free Aquaponics Resources for Beginners

Top 5 Free Aquaponics Resources for Beginners

Starting your aquaponics journey can be a daunting prospect. There’s so many YouTube channels and groups on Facebook it can be overwhelming to know what advice to trust. We’ve been in those shoes before, and know the value of good, clear, actionable advice. A solid foundation of knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes, save time and labor, and avoid frustration by setting yourself up for success. Here are our top 5 aquaponic resources for the beginning aquapioneer.

  1. FAO Manual and Website 

The Food and Agriculture Organization came out with the ultimate free guide on aquaponics. This is like a free text book on aquaponics. It covers all areas of knowledge needed for fish and plant care. to system designs, management and troubleshooting, pest and disease prevention and control and much more. It’s the best free guide that’s out there and is perfect for the newcomer who’s looking for a complete knowledge base to work from before diving into aquaponics.

2. YouTube- Murray Hallam and Bright Agrotech

YouTube has hundreds and hundreds of people offering aquaponics advice, and unfortunately, most of the videos are inaccurate. They either grossly over claim what is possible and are amateurs offering advice on what’s worked for them that may not actually be the best way to design or care for a system. We suggest sticking to the pros for advice, those that have been there for years, and have the results to show their advice is correct.

For the backyard small-mid scale aquapioneers we highly recommend the videos by Murray Hallam. Murray gives straight to the point practical advice. He shares all the tips and tricks in areas of system design, system start-up, plant care, pest management and much more. Murray is highly entertaining and very generous with his knowledge. Check out his YouTube channel for everything you’ll need to get started at home.

For the commercial growers and our knowledge cravers out there, Dr. Nate Storey’s company Bright Agrotech has some of the best free videos for aquapioneers of any skill level, but they excel with videos that go in depth on niche topics. Have a nutrient deficiency, bright has a video on every nutrient you could be deficient in, how to identify it, and how to treat it. And this is the case for growing different plants in aquaponics, caring for fish, figuring out how to size a system, etc. Nate gives you all the knowledge and presents in an easy to understand way. Click here to check out his channel.

3. Backyard Aquaponics Forums

Backyard aquaponics started as a small forum for hobbyists to share knowledge and experiences when starting their journeys as aquapioneers. It has since grown into one of the best places to get real in depth knowledge from some of the best professional and hobbyist growers out there. It is a community centered around helping people through the start of their aquaponics journey. For those who like to talk out there ideas and thought processes before acting on them, this is the forum and support community you are looking for. After years of knowledge exchange on the forums, they have synthesized getting started with aquaponics with their guide to aquaponics section.

4. Japan Aquaponics

For the Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) out there, Japan Aquaponics has the best free resources available. They are a one stop resource for doing everything yourself from building media beds and bell siphons, using IBCs or Blue Barrels, how to size plumbing and much more. They also share a couple of complete system plans so you don’t even need to design your own. Check out their DIY resources and get the knowledge you need to take action right now!

5. Facebook Group: Aquaponics Anonymous

The last but definitely not least top 5 free aquaponics resource goes to the facebook group aquaponics anonymous. Like backyard aquaponics, it was originally started by those who were hobbyists and were addicted to aquaponics and wanted to talk with others who shared their passion. Today the group has grown to include numerous industry professionals who offer advice and answer questions all free of charge. They can help you with your planning no matter what scale you are, from hobby indoor grower, to backyard market grower to full-scale commercial, you have the experts with the experience to help you make sound choices for success. There’s no better place to get the mentorship you need than aquaponics anonymous. Click here to join the group and start connecting with your next aquaponics mentors.

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