Top Three Benefits Of Classroom Aquaponics

1. Increased Student Engagement

The undeniable benefit of having a classroom aquaponics system is the increased engagement that you get from the students as a result. From its inception, aquaponics necessitates that learning is physical with hands on interaction from the entire classroom; by bringing a system to life and maintain it throughout the course of the year. In creating a physical learning experience students engage with subject matter that just isn’t possible through lecturing with powerpoints or a chalkboard. With hands on learning students retain the subject matter better and enjoy the act of learning the subject matter at hand. Classroom aquaponics is enabling teachers to get better results from their lesson plans and improving their students willingness to learn especially in STEM subject areas.

One of the greatest benefits of classroom aquaponics is the ability to adapt interactive and fun lesson plans to enhance learning difficult STEM subjects. Aquaponics is an ecosystem in a container. Whether you are teaching the foundational principles of life through photosynthesis or advanced genetic principles of biology, aquaponics is the perfect example of scientific principles in action. In learning with a living example students get a practical real life reference for how science works in nature from biology, to physics, to chemistry, ecology and environmental science.

In addition to being the perfect teaching aid for any science subject aquaponics also provides a practical foundation for the other STEM subjects as well. Aquaponics is utilizing current modern technologies that students will need to learn about in order to participate competently when they enter the workforce. In addition aquaponics is the engineering of a living ecosystem. Students learn from their system about engineering and system design and can extrapolate to engineer their own systems learning math principles in the process. In addition to the STEM subjects we have also used aquaponics to teach business, health and nutrition, agriculture, entrepreneurship and anatomy. It could even be used as a catalyst for advanced creative writing and english classes. Write a short story on a future mars society that grows all its food in climate controleed aquaponics greenhouses! Aquaponics has allowed teachers a way to teach any subject in an interactive and progressive way.

2. Gain real interest in your class from the parents

One of the true benefits of a teaching tool like aquaponics is that the students truly enjoy the learning. When students enjoy the learning they talk about it at home with their friends and family. Aquaponics is a new and unique concept. We have found over the years that the parents become as enthralled as the students and can’t wait to learn along with their kids about the newest aquaponics lesson. Aquaponics is a great way to keep parents involved with what happens in the classroom and engaged with what their kids are learning. It creates a great way for parents and kids to connect over what they are learning through mutual curiosity.

3. Practical knowledge in a burgeoning field of the future

The way of farming is changing. The job market is shifting and the traditional skill-sets

Curriculum using agriculture and STEM education prepares youth for the growing Agri-Food industry.
Curriculum using agriculture and STEM education prepares youth for the growing Agri-Food industry.

that were valued for the past few decades are not necessarily the skills that will be valued in the job market ten and twenty years from now. Aquaponics has been named one of the top ten professions of the future by FastCompany and Business Insider Magazines. By introducing students to aquaponics not only will they engage in learning the traditional subjects like never before they are becoming literate in a skill-set that is the way of the future. With farmers aging, farm acreage decreasing, and urban populations rising aquaponics is one of the leading solutions society will turn to as a solution to these issues. Having aquaponics in the classroom today is like having computers in the classroom 20 years ago. It’s a foundational instructional tool that is going to become commonplace in our society in a few short years. Those who adopt early with classroom aquaponics will be creating a bright and fulfilling future for their students.



As you can see there are a multitude of benefits from having aquaponics systems in the classroom. We’re learning of more and more with each classroom we help teach using aquaponics. We truly feel that aquaponics systems will not only be the cornerstone of food production but also the foundation of a well rounded education. If you are interested in getting an aquaponics system for your school or classroom you can give us a call at 860-531-2782, reach us via email, or fillout a project inquiry form below. We’ll keep you up to date on the newest learning methods using aquaponics, how to use classroom aquaponics to meet common core and Next Generation Science Standards, aquaponics curriculum, and a closer look at the classrooms that are using aquaponics to change the way their students are learning.

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