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Learn aquaponics through the lens of The Aquaponics Trifecta: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Aquaponics

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We use The Aquaponics Trifecta to illustrate the complexity of aquaponics in a simple, easy to digest way.

This resource was crafted for anyone new to aquaponics and Trifecta Ecosystems (Trifecta for short) – and for those aquaponic veterans who want a fresh look at the foundational principles of aquaponic farming. At Trifecta, we like to refer to these aquaponics enthusiasts, both new and seasoned alike, as aquapioneers. So join us as we travel through the frontier of agriculture.

Aquaponics Software

Fish are your friendly fertilizer factories. They produce ammonia (NH3) through their waste and respiration. Ammonia is the start to the nitrogen cycle that powers your system.
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Microbes are microscopic organisms that live in your system, including bacteria, protozoa and nematodes. Two teams of bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite (NO2) to nitrate (NO3).
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Plants filter out nitrate, using it as fertilizer to grow. This cleans the water, which is then safe to return to the fish. You can grow nearly anything, but leafy greens and herbs do best!
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Aquaponics Hardware

The Aquaculture system is your fish habitat. Engineering your habitat to meet the needs of your fish is vital to success in aquaponics.
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Filtration is necessary to remove solid fish waste and convert ammonia into usable nitrate fertilizers. Improper filtration is the most common source of long-term system failure.
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Hydroponics is growing plants without soil in water. There are many established methods of hydroponic production. Design your system to meet your growing goals with this guide.
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Aquaponics requires a focused approach.

Aquaponics is an amazingly flexible tool. Whether it is personal gardening, commercial food production, education, therapeutic farming, skill-training or research, thousands of Aquapioneers around the world are using aquaponics to meet their goals. Here is what we’ve learned is most important when designing your own aquaponics project.

Find out how to grow fish and plants together by focusing on your microbes. Drive growth, abundance, and prosperity in your life.