CREC – Two Rivers Magnet Middle School

CREC – Two Rivers Magnet Middle School

Client Spotlight: CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School


Years in Operation: November 2017 – Active

System Hardware: 2 aGrow Systems

Fish Grown: Giant Dannios

Plants Grown: Kale, Swiss Chard, Basil, Lettuce

What are the main benefits of her system?

  • 30 Gallon fish tank in each aGrow provides an easy to maintain aquaculture setup and practical footprint for small classrooms.
  • Sensor and controller unit provides students with hands on experience with IoT assisted farming giving them first-hand experience with technlogy of modern farming.
  • Remote access allows students to learn outsited of the classroom with the integrated app.
  • Three vertical towers provide big enough harvests for all students to get a taste and enjoy the fruits (or in this case herbs and veggies) of their labor!

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