CREC – Metropolitan Learning Center High School

CREC – Metropolitan Learning Center High School

Client Spotlight: CREC Metropolitan Learning Center High School

Aquapioneer: Hannah Cooke, Stacey Paliaro

Years in Operation: November 2017 – Active

System Hardware: aGarden Aquaponics system featuring 2x Lumigrow LED Light, Smart Sensor and Controller Unit, Web-Application ,210 Gallon Fish Tank, Eight 5’ verticle growing towers that can hold up to 10 plants each, Cone-bottom filter for quick and easy solids removal, finally a media bed for experimenting with plant varieties and comparing to vertical grow methods.

Fish Grown: Ornamental Koi

Plants Grown: Kale, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Basil, Malabar Spinach

What are the main benefits of their system?

  • 210 Gallon Aquaculture tank allows teachers to choose between large ornamental or freshwater edible fish. They use beautiful ornamental Koi fish.
  • Sensor and controller unit provides students with hands-on experience with IoT assisted farming giving them first-hand experience with technology of modern farming.
  • Remote access allows students to learn outside of the classroom with the integrated app.
  • Eight 5′ vertical growing towers that can house up to 10 plants each. Allow students to learn growing cycles, experiment with many different varieties, and provide enough harvests for the whole class to enjoy regularly

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