Client Spotlight: CREC ASI (Academy of Science and Innovation)

Aquapioneer: Jane Callery

Years in Operation: October 2015 – Active

System Hardware: Bespoke Media Beds and aGarden™ with 8 5′ ZipGrow Towers, 1 Lumigrow 325w LED light, 1 smart sensor system, and automated light timers.

Fish Grown: Koi

Plants Grown: Kale, Lettuce, Chives, Spinach, Carrots, Nasturtiums, Rosemary, Lemon Basil, and Strawberries

“I love it! Very easy to maintain. The kids love it!”

What are the main benefits of her system?

  • Watching her students take plants home after seeing the benefits of growing them in the classroom.
  • It let her bring real world applications of aquaponics into the classroom with hand-on learning.
  • What’s most exciting for Jane was the student engagement. “They’re just thrilled to death about having this, and they’ve taken it over. They have ownership over that whole system and what’s happening in it.”

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