Client Spotlight: CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering (CREC AAE)

Aquapioneer: Janice Mooney-Frank

Years in Operation: October 15, 2015 – Present

System Hardware: Prototype aGrow. Two 20 gallon fish tanks connected and a 2’x3′ Media Bed.

Fish Grown: Koi

Plants Grown: Mint, basil, radish, microgreens, lettuce, tomato, peas, and venus fly trap.

What is her favorite plant to eat:? Sage

“ At our school our motto is every teacher is a science teacher”

What are the main benefits of her system?

  • Teachers can bring their students out to see the system.
  • Students begin to understand the differences between soil and aquaponic growing.
  • Aquaponic media beds allow them to grow any plant that they also grow in soil.
  • Teachers and students are able to taste the herbs and greens and compare with soil grown.
  • Compact, elegant design adds a unique ambiance to the entrance foyer, making the school more attractive to prospective students and parents.

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