Bristol Adult Resource Center (BARC)

Bristol Adult Resource Center (BARC)

Client Spotlight: Bristol Adult Resource Center

Aquapioneer: Carlen Sinisgalli, Greenhouse Manager

Years in Operation: October 2016- Present

System Hardware: aGarden™- 16x 5’ ZipGrow Towers, 1x Raftmaster with two 2’x4’ rafts, 600 Gallon Fish tank, 2x Lumigrow Pro 325 LED lights, 75 gallon solids filter, and 55 gallon biofilter.

Fish Grown: Koi and Exotic Goldfish

Plants Grown: Red and Green Lettuce Varieties, Parsley, Chives, and Kale.

“I think it is great that we are going to try something new and different.”


What are the main benefits of her system?

  • Lowers costs at the BARC’s Hidden Cafe, an onsite commercial kitchen and restaurant, by receiving greens and herbs from Carlen and her team.
  • Hands on job training and personal skill development the BARC can be proud of.
  • Vertical design allows for maximum production in her limited greenhouse space.
  • LED lighting provides year round consistency in growth rates and makes is easy to grow anytime of year.
  • RaftMaster™  sump provides grow area for starter plants and improves system health.
  • One-pump design uses gravity to increase energy savings and minimizes potential for system failure.
  • The solids filter allows fish waste to be used as fertilizer in their outdoor gardens saving them from expensive chemical fertilizers.

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