Arc of Meriden-Wallingford

Arc of Meriden-Wallingford

Client Spotlight: Arc of Meriden-Wallingford.

Aquapioneer: Pam Fields, Executive Director.

Years in Operation: 2013-Present

System Hardware: 3 Separate Bespoke system designs. Indoors: Houses  two identical systems with a 300 gallon fish tank, 64sqft media bed, 48 sqft raft bed, 35 gallon solids filter, 55 gallon bio-filter, 4 Lumigrow 325 LED Lights. Greenhouse: 150 Gallon fish tank, 32sqft media bed, 24sqft raft bed, 150 gallon sump tank, temp controlled greenhouse ventilation.

Fish Grown: Koi, Goldfish, Tilapia, and Convict Cichlids.

Plants Grown: Kale, Lettuce, Basil, Stevia, Rosemary, Malabar Spinach, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Wheat grass, Swiss Chard, Chives, Microgreens, Wheatgrass, Nasturtiums, Jalapenos, and Strawberries.

“This…I think is an innovation that might be very good for this organization and others,” Malloy said following a tour of the greenhouse and a walk through the ARC building. “I wanted to celebrate their success, initially on an experimental basis but hopeful that perhaps this can spread,” he said of his visit.

What are the main benefits of her system?

  • Increasing community engagement through local produce sales to the Meriden-Wallingford community.
  • Empowering individuals through via personal and job skill development.
  • Teaching individuals healthy eating habits with weekly salad lunch harvests.
  • Empowering individuals to teach local students through field-trips and on-site events.
  • Uninterrupted year round production.

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