Arc of New London

Arc of New London

Client Spotlight: Arc of New London County

Aquapioneer: Jay Brear

Years in Operation: February 2013- Active

System Hardware: 250 gallon round polyethylene fish tank, Horizontal settling bed, bead filter, air lift pump, Two x 4’x3’ media beds with expanded shale, 10 linear feet DWC trough.

Fish Grown: Locally caught bluegill

Plants Grown: Lettuce in the DWC, herbs and hot peppers in the media bed

What is his favorite plant to eat? Bibbed lettuce and chives.

“We use the herbs grown from the Aquaponics system to make breads which we then sell from farm stand. Its one of our biggest hits!”

What are the main benefits of his system?

  • Provides food for the bakery and group homes.
  • Small-scale test pilot system to experiment with.
  • Increases local production for on-site farm stand.
  • Offers year round production.
  • Supplements produce for sale at seasonal farm stand.

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