338 Foote Road

338 Foote Road

Client Spotlight: Trifecta Ecosystems, formerly known as FRESH Farm Aquaponics, LLC.

Aquapioneer: Spencer Curry

Years in Operation: 2013 – 2016

System Hardware: 1 250 gallon IBC Fish Tank, 6 3’x4′ Media Beds, Two IBC Sump Tanks.

Fish Grown: Tilapia, Goldfish, Koi, and Catfish

Plants Grown: Kale, Tomatoes, Mustard Greens, Red and Green Lettuce Varieties, Genovese Basil, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, Boxwood Basil, Pineapple Sage, Common Sage, Cilantro, Parsley, Chocolate Mint, Thyme, Greek Oregano, Chives, Rosemary, Zucchini, Strawberry, Jalapeno Peppers, String Beans, Hops, Cucumbers, Squash, Corn, Ginger, Green Tea Tree and Jasmine Tea Tree.

What is his favorite plant to eat?

Kale. It goes with basically everything, filled with an epic nutrient profile, and I can grow oodles of it year round in my home.

“There is something amazing about growing food from seed all the way to harvest and then using it in the kitchen, fresh from the garden. ”

What are the main benefits of his system?

  • Having such a wide variety of plants all growing in one location really let the team learn a lot about many types of crops and how they perform in an aquaponics system.
  • The wide variety of plants gave good insight into the labor that went into producing these plants versus what they sold for at the market.
  • Tranquility. Escaping to the greenhouse and spending time with the system was a newfound joy of the team.


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