Spencer Curry

Founder, CEO

 Spencer Curry, CEO of Trifecta Ecosystems

Spencer Curry, CEO of Trifecta Ecosystems

About Spencer: Spencer was born in Pasadena, CA, but his time spent on the left coast was quite short. He was just three when he moved to Glastonbury, CT a suburban farming town in New England. Glastonbury has been Spencer’s home outside of college ever since. Spencer studied with a double major in philosophy and Latin during college, intent on becoming a teacher.

After graduating college he moved to Boston where Kieran was finishing up school, looking to take the next step in his career. Within weeks the two were reading 1491 and Spencer made the jump to start an aquaponics system in their apartment. Enamored by the possibilities of aquaponics and amazed at how much he could grow in his bedroom he was determined to find out more. Attending the 2nd annual Aquaponics Association conference in Denver, Spencer was joyed to find himself among like minded, forward thinking aquapioneers. Looking to take a more direct hand in propelling the industry forward Spencer joined the board of the Aquaponics Association the following year. He also established himself as an industry thought leader, writing a monthly column for the Aquaponic Survival Communities Magazine.

Spencer has always brought enthusiasm, passion and determination to his endeavors, but he hit another gear with aquaponics. Together with Kieran, they bootstrapped Trifecta Ecosystems from his backyard and have worked tirelessly to grow it to where it is today. As CEO of Trifecta, Spencer has led the company toward achieving its goals, helping pioneer new technologies and innovations while serving their community and empowering others to grow. Truly living the entrepreneurial life, Spencer eats, drinks, and breathes Trifecta Ecosystem. His commitment and determination have led this company to new products, partnerships, and possibilities.

Goal: To accelerate the development and adoption of aquaponics technology with the goal of creating the City that Feeds ItselfTM. I want to live in a living city!

Favorite Edible Plant: My favorite plant is hard to pin down, as it changes with the seasons. However, if we’re talking the plant I eat most by sheer volume, it’s kale hands down. I grow about 1lb/week of kale in my office and use it in just about every meal. I eat it for the health value and the culinary diversity, plus it’s so easy to grow!


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