Kieran Foran

Founder, CMO

 Kieran Foran, CMO of Trifecta Ecosystems

Kieran Foran, CMO of Trifecta Ecosystems

About Kieran: Kieran likes long walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, and clichés. In all seriousness though Kieran is all about his food. Even before he could talk he would stretch his hands out from his high chair opening and closing his hands to ask for food. Since those early beginnings he’s always been on a quest to find better and better food. After discovering aquaponics in college, along with lifelong friend Spencer Curry, he was enamored with how much better freshly grown and harvested food tasted over the grocery store. Concurrently, realizing the agricultural industry was heavily influenced by chemical fertilizers and bloated resource consumption; he began to rethink things a bit. In discovering aquaponics he realized it was not hard to grow a lot of food in a small space, it was not hard to grow food in a sustainable and clean manner, and you could do it in any environment where you had access to water and light. It was as if a light turned on in his head. Aquaponics made sense. Impassioned by this discovery, he was motivated to share this magic and his aquaponically grown food with everyone.

Kieran is driven to help others make the same changes he made in his life. Whether growing their own food or just sourcing better food, he’s committed to giving others the tools and resources they need to succeed. So it was a natural fit for Kieran to take on the roles of Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Grower Success at Trifecta Ecosystems. Kieran loves that he is able to spend his days empowering others to grow their own food without a complete life overhaul and giving new and veteran growers alike all the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Kieran shares the company’s vision to create the City that Feeds Itself™ transitioning us away from the current food paradigm and bringing production back to local providers and networking growers together to meet the needs of the local market demand.

Goal: I’d really like to see an end to world hunger. And personally I’d like to play a large role in that by inspiring as many people as possible to grow their own food for themselves and their communities. I think the key is cities, if they can become producers then we can overcome the challenge of feeding the world.

Favorite Edible Plant: Stevia, it’s a plant that tastes like sugar, what is cooler than that. (It may be my second favorite plant, Pineapple Sage, a sage variety that tastes like pineapple!)


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