Andrew Ingalls, M.Sc.

Owner, COO

 Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems

Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems

About Andrew: Andrew is the only partner not originally from Connecticut. He grew up in Westford, MA a small suburban town like many you would find in CT. Andrew and Kieran met as freshman at Northeastern University long before they knew they’d want to be entrepreneurs or even work together. Andrew started college studying architecture and as a result he has a great foundation in design. However, it was not where his passion lay and he switched majors, finishing his B.S. studying Environmental Science and Geology. While receiving his B.S., Andrew worked for the United States Geological Survey studying groundwater contamination on Cape Cod.

He went on to pursue a Master of Science in Geology and Volcanology at Kansas State University. During this time, Andrew gained experience with grant writing, lesson and curriculum planning, and a new found interest in geomicrobiology. After completing his education, Andrew worked and trained as a Hydrologist for Golder Associates. Throughout this time he stayed in touch with Kieran and Spencer and eventually started to feel that pull towards freedom and discovery that his current work was not really geared towards. He missed the smell of a fresh clean room in the morning and the warm feel of a laboratory coat in the evening. Andrew is not only a jack of all trades, he is a master of many. His passion for learning, attention to detail, and thirst for a good excel sheet make him the perfect fit for head researcher and Chief Operations Officer at Trifecta Ecosystems. However, he plays many more roles than that. As any startup can tell you it is important that you surround yourself with individuals who can wear many hats. Not only is Andrew an ace as a researcher, but he uses his developed skills and experience to help us write grants, design our systems, and help us develop lessons and curricula for our educators. Andrew is a much welcomed addition to the team, and is exemplary of the qualities that make up a successful start-up.

Goal: To solidify aquaponics as a scientifically backed and viable agricultural technique. Let’s move into the age of enlightenment together!

Favorite Edible Plant: Thai Basil. You just can’t beat that flavor profile.


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