Freight Farms Expands Into Vietnam

Freight Farms Has Announced A Partnership With Everlane That WIll Bring Leafy Green Machines To Vietnam

Freight Farms is a pioneer in the container farm space. Launched in 2013, after a successful Kickstarter campaign for a prototype container farm, the company has been a leader in container farms and mobile farm solutions ever since.

The Kickstarter prototype eventually evolved into what they now dub the Leafy Green Machine. These are container farms that do what they say, produce a bounty of leafy greens, anywhere in the world, regardless of climate.

The Leafy Green Machine is a portable and modular farm that can be stacked and shipped like shipping containers.

Leafy Green Machines Can Make A Farm Anywhere. Everlane is putting three at its factory in Vietnam.
Leafy Green Machines Can Make A Farm Anywhere. Everlane is putting three at its factory in Vietnam. Photo Cred: Freight Farms

The farms use a hydroponics system to replace the soil with circulating water, efficiently delivering necessary nutrients to the plants. The farms use ZipGrow towers from Plenty (formerly Bright Agrotech) to maximize output and efficiency in their units.

There has been some controversy over the viability of container farms, even from the founders of the ZipGrow, but that hasn’t stopped the company from being a leader in CEA container farming and agtech.

With this new partnership, they will be having an even greater global impact by entering into Vietnam. Everlane is a San Francisco based retailer known for its commitment to radical transparency and high quality, ethically made products. Everlane will be installing three Leafy Green Machines at their LEED certified factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Their goal is to use the fams to help them with their goal of providing factory workers with two healthy meals a day.

The project was funded through Everlane’s Black Friday Fund, an annual initiative that uses their Black Friday sales to improve the lives of factory workers at their factories.

With pesticide-free produce being a huge issue in Vietnam, Everlane is helping their workers avoid the risks and exposure to these dangerous chemicals.

To read more about this story check out the original press release here. For more information about Freight Farms visit To learn more about Everlane visit their website here.

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