How I Freed My Life with Aquaponics

Spencer Curry, CEO of Trifecta Ecosystems
Spencer Curry, CEO of Trifecta Ecosystems

Spencer here. I was up late recently, reminiscing over our startup here at Trifecta. Typically I do not dwell on the past. Although once in a while a good cathartic reminiscence does one good. Anyways, I got a few inspirations I felt like sharing with you today and I truly hope you’ll get something valuable from it.I freed my life with aquaponics and I hope by sharing I can help and inspire you to as well!

Before FRESH Farm (now Trifecta) was even an idea in our heads, Kieran & I were living in Boston, Roxbury Crossing to be exact. Kieran was finishing school and I was working in the city. We were both reading an incredibly interesting book, called 1491, by Charles C. Mann, which was about the Americas prior to Columbus’ arrival.

Mann wrote about many ingenious methods of agriculture employed by the people native to America. The one that jumped out at me was the Aztec Chinampas, where the Aztec empire grew plants on flooded pastures and even on floating rafts. This agricultural method allowed the Aztec Empire to become one of the largest in history! This fact lead Kieran and I to excessive late-night search-engine googling, as interesting topics often lead to.

Eventually we stumbled across the modern technology of aquaponics. It was like a beam of inspiration came down from space. We knew this was worth dedicating our lives and careers to spreading. In aquaponics, we saw the potential to heal and better the health, wealth, and self for ourselves, our communities, and the world at large. We truly believe in the aquaponic liberation lifestyle, and our highest intention is to express that belief to you.

As soon as we could we started to liberate our own lives. Kieran and I were stuck in our apartment lease for another 7 months so we made the best of the situation and built a desktop aquaponics garden right inside of my cramped Boston apartment bedroom! After a few bus transfers my little tropical fish swim in their new home (I used mostly platys and swordtails). Those little fish grew us many delicious fresh herbs right next to my bedside! There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh herbs. The peppermint was a particular favorite, for tea.

One of the best things about our little desktop garden is the feeling it brought to the apartment. We were on the first floor, which meant that we had “safety bars” across all of our windows. These bars are to keep intruders at bay. The unintentional effect they had was to make us feel like we were imprisoned in our own house! These bars turned every window into a jailhouse window. It was a very oppressive feeling. Imagine being in your own living room, with the sun shining in, and those metal bars casting shadows across the room.

Once we installed our aquaponics garden, everything changed. Instead of feeling shut in by those safety bars, our vigorous tomato plant used them as the perfect positioning to soak up that lovely sun all day long! Our windows were thriving with vibrant greenery and life! It was a truly inspiring thing. I hope that I get to share that same feeling with you!

I really think that this is a metaphor for aquaponics in general. Just like our aquaponic tomato plant was able to overcome the difficulty of growing in a small city apartment, aquaponics itself is able to overcome almost any obstacle. Aquaponics allowed me to feel free inside what was previously like a prison.

This is why I have dedicated my life to spreading aquaponics. I really believe in the ability of aquaponics to free anyone from the feeling of imprisonment. I want you to see the possibility too.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear a little bit.


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