Month Two Of WeeklyHarvest Has Begun – See How It’s Changing The Way We Eat

We started off 2018 strong with the release of our brand new subscription food program, WeeklyHarvest – and let’s just say it’s already made some huge changes in our lives and the lives of our members. We’ve seen members turn to completely vegetarian or vegan diets, we’ve satisfied “farmer’s market fresh” cravings that are sorely missed during the wintertime in New England, and we’ve stocked members refrigerators with greens, microgreens, herbs – even farm fresh eggs.

Each week, members have been supplied with approximately 11 oz. of delicious food per week – including everything from kale and cilantro, to carrots and butternut squash, and they’ve been making some masterpiece dishes with their ingredients! Members can pick up their bountiful shares each Monday in either Meriden or Glastonbury (more pickup locations coming soon!), and enjoy freshly harvested food all week long until their next pickup date.

Just one of the many mouth-watering meals that have been made using WeeklyHarvest.

It’s obvious that WeeklyHarvest is making an impact, and is an easy, healthy way to support local farms. However, what’s even more impactful is the way that WeeklyHarvest is truly changing the way we eat – it’s changing the way we interact with our food; changing our perspective on where our food comes from and how it’s treated; it’s even changing the way we interact with our local food system and our communities.

As part of our mission to create the City that Feeds Itself™, we want to show the community around us the ultimate level of transparency about where their food comes from and how its grown. This transparency is so important to building a better, more sustainable food system throughout our nation and the world, because it allows any individual, whether they have farming experience or not, to take part in their local food system in a more active manner. WeeklyHarvest gives members the opportunity to interact with their food source – they can meet their farmers and learn everything there is to know about aquaponics and the farm that their food was grown on.

WeeklyHarvest has also changed our members perspectives about where food comes from and how its treated. Having this transparent relationship with our farm as their food source has made our community ask deeper questions about where the rest of their food comes from. They can’t help but wonder how long it took the rest of their vegetables, fruit, and meat to get to their local grocery store, and they begin to appreciate being able to receive farm fresh greens on the day of harvest – no chemicals or pesticides included.

On top of all of this, WeeklyHarvest has given our members the ability to make a deeper connection with their community and local food system. By purchasing locally grown food from a small business, they are supporting the economy right here at home, and are fueling the city that they live in. This is just the first in many steps we are taking to build the City that Feeds Itself™, and to create a strong food system within Meriden and beyond.

It’s time to experience what fresh, locally grown food from a source you can trust tastes like. Who knows what positive changes WeeklyHarvest can make for you! Learn more about the program and sign up today.

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