“Growing Brooklyn’s Future” Is Getting Hands On With Green Learning

This new rooftop greenhouse is allowing students to easily grow and maintain all manner of vegetables and herbs!

Anything and everything related to agriculture and its profound effect on education is always something that catches our eye. So when we stumbled upon news of a Brooklyn high school’s 3rd floor rooftop garden, which is apparently “full to bursting with towers of lettuce leaves, trays of microgreens, and climbing vines of tomatoes and zucchini”, we had to learn more.

Edward R. Murrow High School of Brooklyn, NY is taking agricultural education to a whole new level with their new rooftop greenhouse, which is giving students a chance to get hands on with a new science and sustainability curriculum. The greenhouse even includes an aquaponics system which utilizes tilapia to grow an assortment of plants and vegetables.

The positive effect that this kind of agricultural education has had on Edward R. Murrow High School’s students is far from minute. The school’s Principal, Allen Barge, says the greenhouse is “a place where students can love science”, and that the students are “eager and excited” by upcoming greenhouse projects.

We are seeing the impactful and important effects of classroom (and school) gardening throughout the country and across the globe. These kinds of greenhouses give students the opportunity to take responsibility over something, and to watch their hard work yield very visible results. Giving “troublesome” students certain daily tasks when it comes to the upkeep of the garden has been proven to decrease acting out and disruptions, and the garden gives a sense of community within the classroom as a whole.

Brooklyn is taking many steps to advance agriculture and education within their city, and this only inspires us to do even more within Meriden and beyond!

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