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Let’s talk about Jane. She is a science teacher at a local magnet school here in Connecticut. Jane has been using our aquaponics systems in her classroom for over a year now. Since installing it, she has been enjoying integrating it into her classroom, but she’s not the only one. “Just learning about the Aquaponics system myself, I thought it was very interesting, and the kids love it. They love it, love it.”

In class workshop on water testing the aquaponics system.
In class workshop on water testing the aquaponics system.

That quote was from an interview we ran with her last February. Just last week, we published a new post about the system expansion Jane is getting. Turns out the enthusiasm for aquaponics in her classroom did not run dry. We’ve found more and more educators of all kinds, teachers, administrators, and parents alike, have been recognizing the educational power of aquaponics.

We’ve been doing our best to bring aquaponics to as many people as possible, whether they use it to grow their own food, for education, or other purposes like therapeutic farming. However, in our pursuit of spreading aquaponics, we keep running into the same problem, over and over.

How can we scale our impact if we are only spreading aquaponics by word of mouth? So far, every single system of ours has been installed within Connecticut, our home state. We are immensely proud of this, but in reality it is actually holding back the potential impact that we can have on bringing aquaponics to the world.

Connecticut is our home and we are working hard every single day to ingrain aquaponics into the very fabric of this state through initiatives like working with Jane Callery and the CREC school system. Yet in order to truly make the impact we know we can in cities like Hartford, New Haven, and New Britain, we need to survive as a business. That means we must increase our customer base by selling by more than just word of mouth. We need a modern, online experience that lets us reach thousands if not millions of potential Aquapioneers.

Our current website (which you are currently reading) is over two years old and that’s 86 years in website years, for those of you counting. We tried our best to make it ourselves and it has gotten us this far. However, it is not capable of truly delivering the experience our Aquapioneers need. Since you’re on this website right now, I think you know what I mean. It is slow to load, confusing to navigate, and not the most beautiful, awe inspiring website, which it absolutely should be since aquaponics is so darn beautiful and awe inspiring.

Internet Calls Our Website Ugly
Internet Calls Our Website Ugly

Now if you’re reading this and think our website is great, then I thank you and appreciate your heroic browsing efforts in overcoming what is a clunky, outdated website. In order to reach the wider audience and expand our impact, we must create a new website, including an updated blog and, most importantly, an online shop where anyone can get their new aquaponics system with the click of a button.

That is why I’m writing this post today. We’re not a normal tech company. We don’t have investors’ billions to spend. We run by our own bootstraps and by the support of our community. A few years ago, I wrote an email similar to this post, when we announced our first Kiva Zip campaign to raise $2500 in a crowdsourced loan. Not only was that loan funded in only two days, thanks to an incredibly supportive community of followers (If you donated and are reading this now, thank you! We’re here because of you), we also repaid it ahead of schedule, ensuring all of our amazing supporters got their money back as soon as possible. The loan gave us the funds we needed to build our first large-scale greenhouse and set us on the path we are on today.

We were inspired by our experience with Kiva, which is a platform for crowdsourcing loans, and today we’re at it again. We’re starting a second Kiva campaign, which we hope will be even more successful than our first! The loan we are applying for is $10,000 to build our new website and online store.  We believe this project will greatly increase our reach to potentially thousands or even millions of Aquapioneers who are waiting out there, ready to get growing using aquaponics.  This will catapult our business into the next level, where we are not limited to selling primarily by word of mouth.  With the new website, we will be there for anyone searching for help getting started in aquaponics.

If you want to support us, please go to this link, choose the amount and click the blue Lend Now button. (NOTE: You’re not donating’ you’re LENDING. You WILL receive this money back!). Even better than that, Capital One is sponsoring our loan which means they will MATCH every dollar you lend us. That’s right if you loan $25 dollars it’s really like you lent 50, if you loan $100 dollars its really like you lent $200! Thanks to Capital One every dollar lent goes twice as far!

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing enthusiasm and support, whether you decide to donate or just share our link with someone you know who would find it interesting.  Both will go to great lengths in bringing us closer to our goal and delivering our users the web experience they deserve to help them build, grow and earn using aquaponics.

If you are one of our lenders, we are grateful!  So grateful in fact, that we’re going to send all of you one of our favorite tools for teaching aquaponics.  We use this to teach everyone from 3rd graders to adults.  Last time our loan was filled up in just two days, so if you want to get access to this learning tool, lend soon!

Just in case you scrolled by it, click here to check out our new Kiva campaign to raise $10,000 to build our new website and online store.

Lend now!

Eternally Grateful,

The Trifecta Team

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