Andrew Is Featured In Northeastern Alumni Magazine

COO and Head Researcher Andrew Ingalls Featured in Northeastern University Alumni Magazine

Our very own Andrew Ingalls was the spotlight feature this week in Northeastern University’s alumni magazine. Andrew graduated from Northeastern along with our CMO Kieran Foran in 2012. Before joining Trifecta Ecosystems he went on to study microbiology and volcanology at the University of Kansas.

During his time at Northeastern and Kansas, he developed his multitude of skillsets that would later become critical to Trifecta Ecosystems growth and success.

Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems
Andrew Ingalls, COO of Trifecta Ecosystems

At Northeastern he studied architecture his first year which gave him his foundation of the skillsets and programs he uses for our design work. He went on to switch majors and graduated studying environmental science with a background in geology. This started his love for science and research which he would further develop at the University of Kansas.


At Kansas, he studied Vulcanology and spent much of his time out in the field taking samples and conducting research for his field. This developed his penchant for research and data that leads his work with our USDA Specialty Crop Block grant researching vertical farming techniques in indoor controlled environments.

Along with his work in writing grants and his USDA research Andrew is head of our product and development team which develops our systems, our smart sensor and controller units and our upcoming app. Andrew as COO also tracks the company financials and heads up our H.R. department. As with all of us, he wears many hats and the business couldn’t run at this scale without his unique set of skills. He’s an indispensable member of our team and a huge value to the industry with his contribution to conducting much-needed research for the nascent aquaponics industry.

To read more about Andrew, and his background, check out his feature on the Northeastern Alumni website here.

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