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I wanted to give everyone on the blog a little peak into our daily newsletter…

I’m Pulling Back the Curtain for You, and Its Sorta Embarrassing…

Hey FRESH Fans,

We want to pull back the curtain here at FRESH Farm and practice total transparency in our business. So without further ado, here is the team!

FRESH Farm was founded by a trifecta, or group of three individuals.

I am Spencer Curry, co-founder and co-operator of FRESH Farm Aquaponics alongside my partners and old friends Kieran Foran and Matthew Braddon (MB).

We are all old friends from grade school, here in South Glastonbury Connecticut, where we are living and operating our farm now. Glastonbury is an old farming town, that is transitioning itself towards the needs of today. We hope that FRESH Farm will be a valuable food asset to our hometown and our community!

Here comes the embarrassing part… Despite our towns agricultural past and what our fellow farmers would think if they knew this, we did not have any experience in gardening or farming when we started up with Aquaponics. Let me stress that point again, we had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE of growing. No green thumbs here.
In fact, in college Kieran majored in Political Science, MB in History and I majored in Latin and Philosophy. Never-the-less, our aquaponics gardens are growing and thriving! I am not saying this to brag. We did not succeed due to some rare inborn talent. Rather, our success lays in the life-changing technology of aquaponics! Aquaponics and the natural technology that it uses is so full-proof that we truly believe anyone can do it!

Pulling Back the Curtain

Our intention with this blog is to introduce you to aquaponics in such a way that guarantees your speed, to shorten your learning curve, and cement your sureness, to inspire you to act without fear of failure. There is no guessing involved because you will learn from all our mistakes. Already we made most of the silly errors that come with just starting out, let us share with you our findings! We want to pull back the curtain of the aquaponics industry for you and share best practices and processes with you to virtually guarantee your success!

We want to get your journey started as soon as possible. Don’t waste your time getting lost under tons of paper and half-read articles! We’ve synthesized the myriad works of the aquaponics masters, such as Sylvia Bernstein, Nate Storey, and Murray Hallam, for you!
We’ve developed strategies, including specific moves, techniques and tactics to move you towards your goals like a train on a track.
Finally, we’ve put all this into a structure for you, a sequence of events that anyone can follow to success!
What we set out to do is provide exactly what we wanted and were searching for when we first started out. We couldn’t find it anywhere so then we created it instead! Now there is FRESH Farm Aquaponics.

Stay tuned to the newsletter for more of this awesome aquaponics info and keep your eyes peeled for the release of our Project: Aquaponic Lifestyle Liberation!



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