Johannesburg Has A New Rooftop Farm; 100 More Planned

Johannesburg Rooftop Farm Project Could Spark 100 More Farms

Johannesburg in South Africa is making splashes for it’s new Rooftop Farm located on the top of the Chamber of Mines building. The Urban Agriculture Initiative opened up this first farm.

Their goal is to create a vibrant agricultural ecosystem by innovatively repurposing disused rooftops and making use of Hydroponics and Aquaponics to produce agricultural products for the inner communities of Johannesburg.

The Chamber Of Mines funded the pilot project in order to assess the financial feasibility of growing herbs and vegetables hydroponically and aquaponically on the rooftops of available inner city buildings and to provide the space for the pilot farm.

Johannesburg gets first rooftop farm with 100 more planned.
Johannesburg gets first rooftop farm with 100 more planned. Photo Cred: BT

This initial funding is being used to showcase feasibility to other interested funders of future projects such as the Department of Small Business Development. If the pilot proves successful, the Department of Small Business has decided to immediately fund 24 projects and conditionally will fund up to 100 similar projects in Johannesburg.

The projects will all focus on producing crops that are in high demand and have a quick turnaround such as basil, kale. microgreens, spinach, and lettuce.

The first crop was planted on the rooftop of the Chamber building for the benefit of an agripreneur, Nhlanhla Mpati, and has now been fully handed over to him at no cost.

“Farmers are free to sell their produce to whoever they choose to and the profits all go to the roof-top farmers. This allows farmers to sustain and further invest in their projects,” said the Chamber of Mines.

To read more about the project check out the original story here.

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