World’s First Solar Powered Indoor Farm Comes To Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Or at least it better be as Philadelphia is set to become the home of the world’s first fully solar-powered indoor farm. Metropolis Farms will be powered by over 2000 solar panels which will sit on the rooftop of their building in downtown Philadelphia.

Over 2000 solar panels will power a new solar powered indoor farm in Philadelphia
Over 2000 solar panels will power a new solar powered indoor farm in Philadelphia. Photo Cred: Metropolis Farms

On the fourth floor, it is constructing a vertical farm that will be powered entirely by electricity coming from the roof. It plans to grow the equivalent of 660 outdoor acres worth of crops in less than 100,000 sq feet.

The company goes on to say,

“To this point, the city of Philadelphia has only ~8 acres of urban farming, mainly because there’s no available land for growing crops traditionally. By bringing the growing process indoors, in line with our mission of social responsibility, we are revitalizing abandoned spaces and are using them for local food production. We are empowering a new generation of farmers to grow food for cities, in cities.

The city, as a result of Metropolis farms, is making its footprint well known around the indoor farming industry; especially if they can pull off this feat.

We are pushing the envelope by attempting to build a zero-carbon farm. Through water recapture techniques, renewable energy production, advanced energy systems, and most importantly by farming locally, we are on the right track.

They plan to showcase their technology at this year’s Ag-Con which will be hosted, coincidentally, in Philadelphia. The company plans to start putting plants in sometime in November. Kicking off a farm in the middle of winter should really make or break the model for them as that will be the time of year when the energy demands are highest and the capturing rate of solar energy is the lowest. If they can make it through the winter on all solar then they have really proved something to all the critics of the high energy demands of indoor farming.

To learn more about the farm and the Mission of Metropolis Farms check out their website here


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