Weekly Round-Up 12/15/17

Happy Friday!

You may have noticed we change the name to our Friday post.  This is to reflect our change in our subscription program which now has the name WeeklyHarvest. We changed up our model a bit to be a monthly pay as you go option instead of the traditional CSA model which makes you pay for an entire season up front. See all the details below.

This week’s roundup also includes what was in this week’s WeeklyHarvest, the blog updates for the week, updates from our client systems and industry news from around the world.

In this week’s round-up

1. Client Spotlight: Grove School

Avid readers of the blog may remember the Grove school in Madison, CT as one of our early school clients. We did a few workshops with them earlier this year going over aquaponics, system design and maintenance. From these workshops, the students designed their own DIY vertical aquaponics system. The students gave us a parts list and we provided them with all the materials and consumables they would need to run their system. They’ve now been growing for almost a year with their system and have been experimenting with growing many different plant varieties. They came out to our commercial system at our Sprout Food Hub in Meriden this week for a field trip to see a commercial scale system and help us out with our weekly tasks.

We loved hosting this group, as they were asking tons of questions about aquaponics, about the industry and about entrepreneurship. They came in with a plan to convert their system to grow all herbs and plants that can be used to make tea, to sell to the coffee truck on their campus. We love fostering that entrepreneurial spirit and gave them our insights into what plants we’ve grown for tea that do well in a vertical environment.

2. Company Updates

In this week’s WeeklyHarvest:

This week’s members received a salad mix of red &green butterleaf lettuce, red & green oakleaf lettuce, Magenta red crisp lettuce, Tropicana green leaf lettuce, Cherokee red leaf lettuce, and Dwarf Siberian Kale from our farm.  We also included ruby red swiss chard, red onions and bell peppers from Urth Farms in New Britain. As a bonus this week. we also included Microgreens which we have been experimenting with growing recently. That is one of the added benefits of the WeeklyHarvest program, you never know what experiments we’ll be trying and you get the benefits of those harvest from time to time, adding more value to your haul each week.

If you’d like to learn more about WeeklyHarvest and sign up for our next opening this February, click here.

This week we also hosted a bunch of organizations to the space to discuss partnerships for the new year and beyond. We’ll be announcing the results of a few of these discussions in the new year and we can’t wait to reveal what will be in store for us in the coming year. Stay tuned for more!!!

3. Blog Updates

We’re Celebrating 5 Years As A Start-up, Part 5: What’re The Next 5 Years Have In Store For Trifecta Ecosystems – this week we released the finale in our series celebrating our first five years as a start-up. Our first four posts focussed on our history as a company. For the finale, we thought it would be fun to give readers a glimpse into our planning process and our goals for the next five years. We think long-term so we’re always looking at least five years out as to where we hope to grow as a company. This post gives you a behind the scenes look into how our mission has evolved over the past 5 years and what we hope to accomplish in the next 5. Check out the full plans here.

Introducing WeeklyHarvest – A new way to get fresh, locally grown food year-round! – This week’s other post gives readers insight into our switch to a monthly subscription model for all the produce that comes off the farm. We’re changing the paradigm from FreshCSA a bit to make it more affordable and convenient for the consumer. Instead of having to shell out upfront for an entire season’s worth of produce you can now pay monthly. You still get the same great value every week of getting your own share of that week’s harvest but now you can hop in and hop out as you please. Going away for two weeks during the summer, not around during the holidays, well now you don’t need to worry about not using your portions of your share. Join our WeeklyHarvest when you’re around, and opt out when you know you’ll be out of town. Check out all the details and subscribe to our next opening here.

4. Industry News

Egypt’s Bustan Aquaponics Helping Egypt’s Food Security – Bustan Aquaponics is on a mission to bring modern and sustainable agriculture practices to desert-like regions in and around Egypt. Located just outside of Cairo this farm is the brainchild of Faris Farrag who left the corporate world to bring solutions to the impending water crisis and food security issues in Egypt. Farrag is an exemplary example of how aquaponics and other sustainable agriculture practices can be a great implementation in areas that are facing resource challenges. Check out the blog to see just how Farrag is tackling this issue head-on in Egypt.

Springworks Farm receives $1.6 million in funding to expand operation in Maine. – Springworks farm is owned and operated by Trevor Kenkel, a college student in Maine. Trevor has been tinkering with aquaponics since childhood, and used money from summer jobs to build a small aquaponics operation in Maine during college. He runs a full-time business and is now about to run an even bigger operation thanks to $1.6 million he just raised to expand his team and his operation. He plans to use the money to build a new 8,000sqft greenhouse system with new designs based off what he’s learned over the years. This kid has the gumption and we’re thrilled to see he’ll be expanding and proving the model of aquaponics can work, even in places like Maine where winters are harsh and the food is typically only grown a few months out of the year. Hats off to Trevor! Check out the full blog post here.

5. Weekly Feature

This week we are featuring our new WeeklyHarvest subscription program. We’ve adjusted our model to make buying our produce easier, more affordable and convenient. Our next opening for this program starts in February but you can secure your place today. Check out all the details here, and ensure you’re new year gets the healthy start you deserve!


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