Weekly Harvest 8/25/17

Happy Friday!

As August comes to a close we all can begin prepping ourselves for pumpkin flavored everything season. We also prep for the launch of our new Sprout Food Hub in Meriden. In addition, this week’s bountiful harvest includes updates from the Arc Midstate, two new blog posts, news on the industry from South Africa and Israel, and the launch of our inaugural FreshCSA Founders Share Program and our first farm to table dinners! This harvest is chock full of goodies you won’t want to miss!

In this week’s harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: Arc Midstate

The Arc Midstate aquaponics systems continue to crush it over the summer. The Arc has three aquaponics systems; one greenhouse and two warehouse style systems. Each of them is a hybrid system that is part media bed and part Deep Water Culture. Each of the systems grows a variety of greens and herbs. The aquaponics systems are part of Day Support Options (DSO) program centered around healthy living for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The adults at the Arc train weekly on the aquaponics system, maintaining all aspects of the system from seeding to harvesting and of course eating the fruits of their hard work. Check out the images below to see the great work they’ve been putting in over the summer.

2. Company Updates

We continue to make progress at the Sprout Food Hub. This week we got our seedling and microgreen racks built. Not only will this add another income stream to the farm, it will allow us to increase the variety in our FreshCSA shares and Farm to Table dinners and provide another module to make the Sprout Food Hub a more sustainable model for expanding to other cities across the state. We also completed our HVAC installation and got the water flowing in our first vertical research system in our vertical research facility. Funding for this research facility has been provided by the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, awarded and administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Check out the gallery below for pics of all the new progress!

3. Blog Updates

5 Keys To Choosing Where To Put Your Aquaponics System: This week’s aquaponics blog focussed on helping new growers with the most critical decision they will make: Where to put their system! This decision affects everything from input costs to upkeep labor to what fish and what plants you can grow and much more. If you want to set your self up for success, whatever that means for your growing goals, deciding where your system will go is the most important part. Check out Thursday’s blog and get your systems placed in the perfect spot for your growing goals!

Why Food Security May Be One Of The Best Investment Opportunities This Century: Part Three Examining The Food Industry: In part 1 and part 2 of this series we took a look at the grave problems we face globally that will impact our food security. The conclusion, we’re screwed. However, in this week’s post, we start to look at all the areas in this sector that are seeing exponential technological improvements and the companies leading the charge. The takeaway- we are so close to the brink of collapse as the research would indicate. In fact, we have a very promising food future ahead of us. However, without continued progress, we won’t meet those challenges in the time we need to in order to avoid imminent catastrophe. That combination is what makes this problem such a huge opportunity, the classic type of opportunity investors look for. Check out Tuesday’s post to see why food security investments offer some of the biggest potential this century for investors.

4. Industry News

Is Israel leading the AgTech race?: Isreal has over 400 agritech start-ups focussed on solutions for farmers and food security. While they don’t have the market share majority for investments they are quickly catching up and they have many companies at the forefront of their respective industries. Check out Wednesday’s blog to see how Israel is changing the AgTech scene and what companies are leading the charge.

Eden Aquaponics Finds Commercial Success After Two Years in South Africa: Eden Aquaponics is proving out the commercial aquaponics model in South Africa. Started by a former wealth manager Eden Aquaponics took two years of tinkering and experimenting before finding a model that was profitable. Now they are looking to help others in the region start their own farms and find their own financial success. Check out Monday’s blog to see how they are leading the aquaponics charge in South Africa.

5. Featured Products

We have a twofer for you this week! First, we are happy to share that our FreshCSA is live for sale. The FreshCSA Founders share is the only way to get our produce each and every week this fall. We have two options, the core salad CSA share which is enough produce for side salads all week for two people. Then we have our Buy One Give One share. This share we are extremely excited about as part of our mission to create the City that Feeds ItselfTM .The BOGO share not only gets you that weekly share of produce from the farm but you’ll also empower a weekly share to be donated to a local nonprofit that works to feed families and individuals in need in our family. Creating a model that supports food for everyone in a city is core to the mission and buy purchasing a BOGO FreshCSA share you’ll be taking a direct role in that mission!

In addition to the FreshCSA shares, we also have released tickets for our first this fall’s farm to table dinners! We’ll be hosting at least two events this fall in partnership with My City Kitchen a non-profit that works with Meriden youth and their families to teach them how to shop and cook healthy meals on a fixed budget. The graduates of their first program will be helping to create the meals for our Farm to Table dinners along with the all-star chefs at My City Kitchen. It’ll be a great time that supports a great program for Meriden families. Grab your tix here, dates to be announced soon!

Whew! What a haul this week. With the farm getting close we’ll be showing no signs of stopping the abundant harvests into the fall. Thank you so much for reading and following along with us on our journey. We’re so grateful for the support!

Abundantly Yours,

The Trifecta Team

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