Weekly Harvest 8/18/17

Happy Friday!

This week’s abundant harvest includes two new blogs on the site, one continuing our discussion on food-security investment, the other detailing the things we wish we knew before starting our first aquaponic systems. The latter is chock-full of laughs and valuable insights. We’ll check-in on one of our first clients to see how they’re growing this summer, see the new progress on the Sprout Food Hub Buildout, and learn more about the FreshCSA Founders Share program, the only way to get the delicious produce we’ll be growing in our pilot farm this fall and winter!

In this week’s harvest;

1. Client Spotlight: Arc of New London County

Arc of New London County uses aquaponics and soil gardening to assist their programming goals.
Arc of New London County uses aquaponics and soil gardening to assist their programming goals.

This week we’re sharing a photo from the great folks at the Arc of New London County. Jay who runs the aquaponics and outdoor garden at the arc has been using gardening and aquaponics to teach job and personal skill development to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for years now. Jay and his team also manage a local farm stand as a way to engage with the local community and share the fruits of their labor. Jay always has us envious with his grows, whether it’s his insanely hot peppers, massive herb bushes, or picture perfect lettuce. His next round of lettuce is no exception. To learn more about the Arc of New-London you can visit their website, Facebook page or their farm stand. Details on their site!

2. Company Updates

We’re done with the full-size deep water culture rafts that we started on last week. We’re finishing up the seedling rafts this weekend. We also got our HVAC fans installed and wired up for our seedling and microgreen room and our pilot farm. We also started in on our vertical research farm, getting the first system up and running and got the towers installed this week. We’ll tackle the aquaculture next week and get fish in there and get the system cycling as soon as we can. Check out the pics below, and as always for behind the scenes looks at our build out follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Blog Updates

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Aquaponics System – This blog is a trip down memory lane when mistakes were common but the infatuation with learning everything I could about aquaponics was at its highest. This post is full of laughs of our early fumbles but also lots of great advice on how to avoid the mistakes others have made before you and set your first system up for success.

Why Food Security May Be One Of The Best Investment Opportunities Of the Century? Post Two: Understanding The Opportunity Continued – Last week we investigated why food security is one of the biggest issues facing humanity as a whole right now. We looked at how many people are feeling food insecure every year and then began investigating why that number may skyrocket in the next few years due to water security issues. This week we investigate the remaining needs to grow food and how each of them are on the brink of complete collapse. But, as we’ve addressed, the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. Despite how bad of a picture we face if nothing changes, there’s so much more that is changing and our future actually looks really great. But we have to keep in mind what our worst case scenario is to understand the potential for investors and for the motivation to keep driving changes at the pace we need to support humanity.

4. Industry News

Franklinton Farms Distributed Farming Model Perfect For Urban Centers – Franklinton Farms is not your typical farm. For one, it’s spread across many locations in Cleveland, OH. Franklinton is using it distributed network or farms on small plots that together give them the ability to produce like a couple acre farm. Franklinton is the perfect example of how cities can begin to meet their food needs by networking small farm plots where space is available together. With the evolution of soilless techniques like aquaponics it only opens up more areas for farming.

Green City Force Brings Urban Farming To New York Public Housing Facilities – Public housing is not known for residents enjoying farm fresh produce and youth job training programs. Green City Force is looking to change this by bringing small urban farming plots to public housing facilities across New York City. They are using the farms as a way to educate residents about healthy eating and easy ways to supplement food needs with some home grown items. They also work to hire young adults 18-24 and teach them skills needed to grow and prepare food. It’s a great program that gives young adults a skill set they can use to better themselves and their families and become independent self-sufficient adults.

5. Featured ProductKeys to The Perfect Harvest

The first round of FreshCSA is now available. We have a couple of different options available to choose from. Check out our FreshCSA Founder’s page to see what’s included in each option and how FreshCSA goes beyond a traditional CSA. In addition to the CSA, we are also offering options that include Farm-To-Table dinners this winter! That’s right farm fresh produce and fish in the winter. Check out this post to learn more and grab your shares and seats today!

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