Weekly Harvest: 8-04-2017

Happy Friday!

Summer is the season of bountiful harvests and this week’s haul is no exception. This week’s bounty includes a new partnership with the Regional Water Authority to bring three aGrow aquaponics systems to local area schools, updates on the sprout Pilot Farm build out, continued discussion on the continuous investments being made in the urban agtech and controlled environment  industries, learn how aquaponics can change your relationship with food, check out how Cincinnati is entering the fold as a pioneer urban farming city and much more!

In this Week’s Harvest

1. Client Spotlight
Regional Water Authority donates 3 aGrow classroom aquaponics systems
Regional Water Authority donates 3 aGrow classroom aquaponics systems

This week’s spotlight is with the Regional Water Authority (RWA). The RWA is looking to have an impact with schools that they work with in the New Haven area. They recently purchased three aGrow aquaponics systems from Trifecta Ecosystems which will be donated to three New Haven elementary school classrooms. This is the beginning of a new relationship between RWA and Trifecta Ecosystems that hopefully will spawn numerous projects that will benefit the New Haven area community over the next few years. We’re super excited to be bringing three new systems into the New Haven school system this fall. We’ll be sharing more on this project and where the systems land as school gets back in session. Keep an eye on the blog and newsletter for updates on this amazing donation from RWA.

2. Company Updates

This week we continued our work on the Sprout Food Hub build out this week focussing on our biofiltration for the aquaculture portion of things, and also began construction on our DWC raft beds. We’ll aim to finish those up over the weekend so we can start laying out the plumbing and raft beds next week. The biofilters are a critical component to any aquaponics system. They provide the necessary Biological Surface Area or BSA for all the beneficial bacteria in our systems. Without the BSA there would be no place for our bacteria to live and repopulate and the plants wouldn’t be able to use the fish waste. However, with the proper amount of BSA we can cultivate a healthy population of beneficial bacteria that will convert the ammonia byproduct from the fish into a usable form of nitrogen for our plants. We’ll also have a mineralization tank that will mineralize all the solids and other nutrients in our system to make them more bioavailable to our plants. With these filters, we’ll also be able to pull off the waste from our systems.  For those of you out there with soil gardens, fish emulsion is a perfect natural supplemental fertilizer to give your plants a boost. To see pics from behind the scenes follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

3. Blog Updates

We had two main blog posts this week. On Thursday we threw it back to one of our first blog posts from our early aquapioneer days. We were just starting to make the transition to making aquaponics more than a side hobby and into our livelihoods. We were extremely passionate and just wanted to share with others how transformational growing your own food with aquaponics could be. We wrote this post just chronicling how we’ve seen aquaponics change our and others relationships with their food. This post, 7 Ways Aquaponics Can Change Your Relationship With Food, could be just the inspiration you need to start your own aquapioneer journey!

Tuesday’s blog looked into why investing in companies trying to create solutions for Global Food Security offer one of the best investment opportunities of the 21st century. We assessed an article from the Motley Fool, a popular investment advisory website, which made the claim that this industry is one of the most promising for big returns. There definitely is a big opportunity with the need to feed 9.6 Billion people by 2050 over 2/3 of which would be living in cities. However, there are certain qualities that mark potential strong investment and many qualities that raise red flags. With almost all players in this industry having companies under ten years old you don’t have the advantage of traction or companies that are run by CEOs with years of experience in the industry that have a proven track record of scaling companies. With those factors in mind, it’s important to look at some non-traditional characteristics that would position a company to be able to scale and provide solutions for all those in the industry looking to grow.

4. Industry News

In addition to being a great industry to invest in, we saw this week that the Agri-Food industry is also a promising sector for young professionals and youth to look to advance their skills and careers. It looks to be one of the few industries that will have exponential job growth, especially in the Ag-Tech sector for all the new technologies, software and programming need farms of the future we will have. We take a look at how this industry is growing and what sectors offer the most promising opportunities for job growth and career advancement.

Other news making waves this week is coming out of Cincinnati. Their city council recently just launched the Urban Agriculture Stat with the goal of expanding Cincinnati’s urban farming foot print and to invest in ways to develop blighted properties for the purpose of urban farming. After the success of pioneers like Waterfields, LLC, an aquaponics company that set up shop in the blighted neighborhood of Lower Price Hill, turned an abandoned building into a thriving urban farm that created living wage jobs to local residents. It was the success of early efforts like this that caught the attention of the city council and led them to launch the Urban Agriculture Stat to provide the resources and outlet for others to use urban farming to create a positive effect on their communities. Check out the new initiative and other inspiring examples of urban farming benefitting Cincinnatti’s hardest hit neighborhoods here. 

5. Featured Product
Aquaponics Elements provide essential nutrients to grow fruiting and flowering plants in your media bed system.
Aquaponics Elements provide essential nutrients to grow fruiting and flowering plants in your media bed system.

Can’t get your tomato plants to flower in your aquaponics system? Plants that produce a fruit need different nutrients than greens and herbs that aren’t always naturally present in an aquaponics system. With an Aquaponics Elements bag, you can add the perfect ratio of fish safe nutrients for every hundred gallons of water. They are formulated for media bed systems, which are the best for growing fruiting and flowering plants. They provide 40-60 days of nutrients as they steep into your system slowly so as not to overdose your system. If you’re looking to add a little variety to your garden this summer. the Aquaponic Elements tea bags are the perfect way to grow great fruiting and flowering crops in your media bed system with no extra effort. To get yours hop on over to the Trifecta E-store.



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