Weekly Harvest: 7/21/2017

Happy Friday!

Close Up Of Basil In Vertical Aquaponics Grow Tower
Close Up Of Basil In Vertical Aquaponics Grow Tower

We’re feeling our summer heat in the new space and in our client greenhouses. Many of our clients experienced over 100-degree temps this week but they are all pumping out the produce. This week we’ll be checking in on the BARC system, get an update on the Sprout Food Hub pilot farm build out, see what we need to be successful in aquaponics with our best free resources and what small scale growers do to find commercial success. We’ll also check in on Europe’s newest large scale urban vertical farm!

In this week’s Harvest:

1. Client Spotlight

We checked in on the Bristol Adult Resource Center (BARC) this week to see how they’ve been handling the summer heat. This is their first summer, as they started their aquapioneer journey fall of last year. Outside of little algae, their system is doing great. We helped them create some shade barriers to knock out the algae (no sun, no algae) and assisted with a crop rotation. They are testing out some small pepper varietals in two of their grow towers along with basil and chives for the summer.


New Transplants In Vertical Aquaponics Grow Towers
New Transplants In Vertical Aquaponics Grow Towers
California Pepper Plant in Vertical Aquaponics Tower
California Pepper Plant Just after Getting Transplanted Into Vertical Grow Tower










2. Company Updates

We finally received the final components needed to finish the final farm build out. We got over 7 pallets that contain all the materials we will use for our grow beds, our HVAC and grow rafts. We’ll be busy beavers this weekend and next week getting all the beds built out. Until then, if you’ve ever wondered what a deconstructed raft beds look like here are some pics from our delivery.

Pallet of materials to build raft bed structure
Two Full Pallets of Rafts
Two Full Pallets of Rafts
One of Two HVAC Fans
One of Two HVAC Fans


3. Blog Updates

Both blogs this week’s centered around resources and tips for new aquapioneers to find success, no matter their scale. Tuesday’s blog featured our 5 favorite free resources for learning in-depth about aquaponics. Whether you have aspirations to be a large-scale commercial grower or just want a small home system, you’ll find all the knowledge you could ask for with these resources.

Thursday’s blog focused on small scale commercial growers. We looked at what three key factors lead to success when farming commercially on a small scale. Being a small scale grower has as many upsides as downsides. While your startup costs are minimized, you’re reliant on being successful every harvest cycle to turn a profit. Small scale growers who find success do so in large part because of these three keys. Check out Thursday’s post to see what you should be doing to have success at a small (or large) scale.

4. Industry News

Europe has a new large Urban Vertical farm. GrowWise, a division of Phillips lighting, just opened its new farm in Dronten, just outside Amsterdam. This facility will boast over 33,000 sqft of cultivation area, making it one of the biggest in Europe. Like many pioneers in this industry, GrowWise is focused on creating technology and systems that improve urban farming efficacy in a quest to answer the age old question: Will we be able to feed 9.6 billion people by 2050? They’ll be one of the many urban vertical farms looking for ways to highlight that urban vertical farming is the answer to large urban population growth. To see the full story click here.

5. Featured Product

This week’s featured product coincides with our blogs around those who may be considering getting into aquaponics themselves. We are featuring our AquaStart kit which has everything you’ll need to get your system off the ground quickly without having to wait for the typical thirty-day start-up cycle. This kit includes pH adjusters so you can get your water chemistry exactly where you need before adding fish and plants. It also includes the API freshwater master test kit so you can track your accelerated cycle and some beneficial bacteria to jumpstart the nitrogen cycle. With this kit, you can cut your systems start-up time from about a month to a week. It’s a huge time saver and will get you growing to your fullest potential quickly and easily. If you’re about to start up a system, click here to grab your AquaStart kit.


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