Weekly Harvest 6/9/2017

Happy Friday!

We’ve had a whirlwind of a week here at our farm and we’re sure it’s been crazy out there for you too. It’s been a wet and constantly rainy week and there’s only more of that to come this month so make sure your systems and gardens are prepped for the extra water they’ll be receiving all month.

In this week’s harvest we check in on a High School project at the Grove, check out the updates on Trifecta’s urban Sprout Food Hub in Meriden, learn about the benefits of local agriculture beyond great food, see what’s happening in the industry and much more.


1. Client Spotlight: The Grove School DIY Project

This Monday we stopped back in at the Grove High School in Madison CT to check out the result of their DIY aquaponics system build. If you remember, when we last checked in on the Grove they were learning the ins and outs of the Aquaponics Trifecta and the basics of Aquaponics design. The result, they were able to take their 50-gallon fish tank, essential supplies, and PVC parts to create a frame to hold vertical ZipGrow towers above their fish tank.

This Monday we came in and approved the design and set them up with fish and plants to get them started on their growing journey. They are growing a bunch of different herbs that they would like to sell to the Coffee truck at their school for tea sales. If that goes well they hope to expand with a larger system next year to grow enough volume to sell to the truck regularly.

Grove Students Add Fish to their DIY Aquaponics System
Grove Students Add Fish to their DIY Aquaponics System
Grove School DIY Aquaponics System
Grove School DIY Aquaponics System















2) Company Updates

Over the past week, we began epoxying our floors in the entire space. We also began receiving the components for our urban farm from our suppliers. We are still waiting on a few core components like our fish tanks but we should be able to start building out the farm middle to late next week! In the meantime, we have the floors to finish epoxying and we are giving our offices and common areas some color. In the pics below you’ll see the first coats of our new office colors. The space is really starting to look good, which is a nice change of pace. Up until now, it has seemed like all our work was making it look worse and now we are seeing the labor start to pay off with how grit’s its coming together.

Now that we are on the final touches of painting and epoxying it’s looking like the state of art facility we had envisioned. We are in the final stretches and it should be just a few short weeks before we have water flowing. As always follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the behind the scenes look at our buildout.

The Green Room- The Multimedia Room
The Green Room- The Multimedia Room
Blue Room - The Conference Room
Blue Room – The Conference Room
Yellow Room - The Break Room
Yellow Room – The Break Room


3. Blog Updates

We had two updates to the blog this week. The first was the continuation of our series on exponential technology and its impact on farming in the future. This week we specifically looked at Smart Agriculture and advances in automation, sensors and other technologies and how these technologies will affect our farmers and on farm laborers. With the potential for automated farms in our very near future, what does that mean for our modern farmers? To explore that topic see our blog on Smart Agriculture from Tuesday’s email newsletter.

This week we also released a blog post on the benefits of local agriculture. Local farms have a huge impact on their communities and it goes way beyond fresh delicious foods. In fact, local farms are a huge economic driver for the towns they are in as they reduce the tax burden, provide local jobs, and invigorate local commerce. Check out our latest blog post to see all the benefits of supporting local agriculture in your area.

4. Industry News

This week’s fantastic news story comes right from our own backyard! This week Cigna announced that it was going to bankroll a new aquaponics garden at Keeney Park in Hartford, CT. The project manager Herb Vigo is a good friend of ours who has been looking for support to start this project for a few years. We are beyond excited to see Herb finally got the support he needed and grateful that Cigna stepped up and took part in a local project. It’s fantastic to see them supporting local community efforts like this! To read more about Herb and the Keeney Park aquaponics project soon to underway check out this article.

5. Product Spotlight

This week’s product is perfect for those who may be on the fence about starting a home aquaponics project. We are featuring Aquaponics Gardening, the groundbreaking book by Sylvia Bernstein that is the golden standard for backyard or residential aquaponics. Sylvia wrote this book almost ten years ago now and it has become the unspoken bible for the hobby aquapioneer. Her book has all the information you need to design, build and maintain your own aquaponics system(s) right at home. She’ll show you how to Do-It-Yourself without sacrificing efficiency or quality. Her book is where we first learned the ins and outs of aquaponics and we still reference it to this day! If you’ve been considering an at home aquaponics project, you’ll want this book to guide you every step of the way!

Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein
Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein


Thank you for the continued support of our team and our mission. We are in the final stretches of our buildout and cannot wait to share with you the completed farm! If you want to be among the first to receive produce from the farm the best way to ensure your produce is through FreshCSA. FreshCSA is our new full basket CSA program that features our aquaponically grown produce as well as food from the best local and sustainable vendors CT has to offer. If you want the best food you can get, curated just for you every week, then FreshCSA is the program for you. Join our waitlist to reserve a spot risk-free today!.


Abundantly Yours,

Kieran Foran

CMO & Co-Founder


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