Weekly Harvest 6/2/17

Happy Friday and Happy June!


We made it to June! So for now here in CT the frost warnings and the cool weather should hopefully be behind us. According to the farmer’s almanac, we can expect a bunch of thunderstorms this month and potentially a hurricane in the middle of the month. So make sure all greenhouses, aquaponic systems, or gardens are ready for that weather. If you are outdoors and unprotected you may want to consider moving your aquaponic systems indoors for these storms if they are easily movable. It’s also a good time to make any necessary repairs to greenhouse structures in preparation for these June storms and winds.

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Moving Fish for CREC TRMHS
Moving Fish for CREC TRMHS

1. Client Spotlight: CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School

With our school clients, we always warn them to plan for the summer. Stopping a system in the spring and restarting every fall is not ideal. With a shut down the system never fully matures and get a years growth of beneficial bacteria. However, in extreme cases, certainly systems may need to come down for the summer. CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School encountered one of those extremes where their high school is being consolidated with another CREC School (CREC ASI another education client) and therefore won’t be operating over the summer.

So this past week we took down the system. In the photo to the left, we are draining their fish tank in preparation to transport the fish to our space for the summer. We’ll look after their fish for the summer. When a new crop of students shows up in the fall we’ll reintroduce their fish to the system along with fresh plants. We may also make a few upgrades to their system while it’s in our hands, we tend to like to tinker. While it’s a bit unfortunate that the school is moving, the bright side is that at their new home, CREC ASI, they will now have two systems for teachers to access and will have a much larger and more focused aquaponics program. There’s a lot of exciting things that are going to be happening over the summer with CREC. Stay tuned for more updates.

 2. Company News

This week we released a new blog update on the buildout of our first Sprout Food Hub at 290 Pratt St. in Meriden. The team reflects on their progress and prepares to start the installation of the USDA and DECD grant supported research farm. In addition, they’ll be breaking ground in their 2500sqft pilot farm in the main open area depicted below.

Farm Shot
Shot of space with grow beds outlined

3. Blog Updates

In addition to the update on our space, we also continued our discussion on renewable energy’s role in helping us create the repeatable model for a City that Feeds ItselfTM. This week we looked at various renewable energy sources like anaerobic digesters, BioOil and SynGas, water based energy captures, air pumps and more. To read more on these energy sources and how they can help farms and aquapioneers of the future check out the blog post if you missed it.

4. Industry News

With Memorial Day occurring over the weekend we’re focusing on two news stories that showcase how farming and gardening are helping Veteran Farmerveterans transition from combat life and back to civilian life while dealing with issues like PTSD. Our first is a story on the success of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, which was established with two goals in mind, get qualified young adults back into farming while providing jobs for returning veterans. Our second is a new documentary about one combat veterans path from the battlefield to the farm field and how it transformed his life. It premiered on Memorial Day on PBS and is currently available to stream online here. Veterans are one of our key hidden farmer groups in the repeatable model to create the City that Feeds ItselfTM so we love seeing stories about veterans finding harmony and success in their lives via farming.

5. Product Spotlight


AquaParts 12″Bell Siphon with Media Guard
AquaParts 12″Bell Siphon with Media Guard

This week we are featuring the AquaParts 12″Bell Siphon with Media Guard. Bell siphons are for media bed growers in particular. It’s a great tool. It creates a flood and drain media bed without any fancy controllers or timers for your pump. Bell siphons allow you to run your pump continuously 24/7 which is actually better for the pump. With timers, the pumps get turned on and off multiple times a day. That stresses the pump and causes them to burn out quicker. The AquaParts 12″Bell Siphon with Media Guard is set up for 12in deep media beds. If you have a smaller media bed check out the AquaParts “Shorty” – 8″ Mini Bell Siphon with 4″ Media Guard. Whatever your set up, we have the bell siphon for you. Save hours of cutting and drilling with these bell siphon kits. Just install and go!





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