Weekly Harvest – 12/8/17

Happy Friday!

We’re still in the fall but it looks like we might get our first storm of the year this weekend. So make sure to grab what you need including all the goodies in this week’s harvest.

1. Client Spotlight – American School for the Deaf (ASD)

This week we installed a new aGrow system at the American School for the Deaf. They are going to use their aGrow system for STEM learning as well as a therapeutic learning tool. The hands-on aspect of learning via an in-class aquaponics system will hopefully engage students more so than traditional styles of teaching and offer the students a tool they can use to learn a multitude of subjects with. We will also be working with them to develop a curriculum for death students that is centered around aquaponics but will not require an in-class system to be used by deaf schools throughout the country. Stay tuned for updates on that in the coming year.

2. Company Updates: FreshCSA Resumes

This week we picked up after the holidays with week 3 of our inaugural FreshCSA program. We had another bountiful harvest of greens from our farm along with some nice additions thanks to Urth Farm in downtown New Britain. We had a couple of new members join on with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you missed out on the action but want to join our program, be sure to check back in next week as we will have some announcements regarding how to join for the new year!

In this week’s harvest:

This week’s share included a mixture of fresh greens.

  • Red and Green Butter Leaf Lettuce
  • Red and Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
  • Magenta Crisp Red Leaf Lettuce
  • Tropicana Crisp Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Dwarf Siberian Kale

In addition to our farm’s harvest, we will also include swiss chard, red onion, lemon, and golden and red beets from Urth Farms in New Britain.

3. Blog Updates: The 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Continues

We’re Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary – Part 3 Life After Robbs and reSET – In this first blog post this week we continued where we left off after the decision to close down the farm and the operation at Robb’s farm in South Glastonbury, CT. We look behind the decision for the move, the rocky months that followed, and how we had to get creative to maintain appearances while we were without a farm for months.

We’re Celebrating 5 Years As A Start-up – Post 4 Finding A New Home – In the fourth post of our series we cover moving into to our new home in Meriden. We take a look at all the work that had to go into making this new home our own garden of eden and the challenges of multiple setbacks to the opening of our new farm. If there’s one constant to take out fo these posts, we usually find a way to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and come out stronger than before. We end this post on the high note of opening the new farm up feeling invigorated for the next five years!

4. Industry News

Freight Farms Expands Into Vietnam With New Client – Freight Farms are now finding their way into Vietnam thanks to a new client Everlane. Everlane is a manufacturer of clothes and household items and they champion factory transparency and improving work-life for their factory workers. Because it is so hard to find quality and pesticide-free produce in Vietnam they are bringing Freight Farms’ Leafy Green Machines to their factory in Ho Chi Minh City. Their aim is to provide their workers with two healthy meals a day in one of their many efforts towards improving the lives and working conditions of their workers.

New Startups Aim to Make Singapore a Food Sustainable City – There are a host of new Startups emerging from Singapore with various business models all dedicated to the same goal, reducing food waste in Singapore and trying to make the city the first food sustainable city in the world. As entrepreneurs on a similar mission we identify strongly with their mission and hope to see them make significant progress over the next few years.

5. Product Preview

We will be announcing some changes to our FreshCSA program next week in advance of a new presale for the new year. We’ll be changing up the payment model to make it more approachable and less of an upfront burden as well as adding to our offerings. Stay tuned for all the details next week!


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