Weekly Harvest – 12/1/17

Happy Friday And Happy December!

We’re already well into the madness of holiday season but that hasn’t stopped the abundance of this week’s harvest. This week we hosted the CT Farm Energy Group out to the farm for their quarterly event and board meeting. We also continued the installation of systems and the starting the cycling across the CREC school district. We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary as a start-up with blog series chronicling our journey as entrepreneurs and as a company. Finally, we’ll check in news around the industry.

In this week’s harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: CREC Greater Hartford Academy Of The Arts High School

Filling up the aGrow for Caitlin Kenealy's high school science class
Filling up the aGrow for Caitlin Kenealy’s high school science class

This week we dropped off a new aGrow to a high school science class at the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts High School. This one is going into the classroom of Caitlin Kenealy who teaches various high school science. Currently, Caitlin is trying to strengthen her student’s connections to their food. For example, as we were installing the systems the students were looking into how their favorite snacks were made. For example, if they liked Cheez-Itz they would look at the ingredients, see corn syrup, sugar, wheat etc and then have to see how each ingredient gets made. This opened their eyes to how much plants are involved in food, but also how many things like chemicals get into some processed food.

With their new aGrow aquaponics system they’ll further this investigation and relationship into food by trying to grow their own food right in the classroom. We began the cycling process and once the system is ready we’ll be back to add fish and plants. Stay tuned for more updates on this classroom project!

2. Company Spotlight:

CT Farm Energy Group Visits Trifecta Ecosystems

Kieran showing off our seedling room. The LED lights were purchased through an Eversource incentive program.
Kieran showing off our seedling room. The LED lights were purchased through an Eversource incentive program.

This Thursday we hosted the CT Farm Energy Group for their quarterly meeting. CT Farm Energy provides technical assistance in the form of grant writing to those eligible AG producers and AG based small business located in all 169 towns in Connecticut in applying for USDA Rural Development REAP Grants.

Once a quarter they host an event that brings together energy groups from neighboring states and with partner organizations like Eversource to share programs and resources to better serve everyone’s clients. The group toured our facility and learned about how we as urban farmers and aquaponics producers were able to take advantage of grant and incentive programs in the state of Connecticut.

We thoroughly enjoyed having them out and were excited to see all the connections and networking that came as a result of the meeting. Click the pic of the tour to check out a time-lapse video of the tour on our Instagram page.



3. Blog Updates:

This week we’ve been celebrating our five year anniversary as a company and we’re doing a blog series that chronicles our journey as entrepreneurs and a start-up. We started the journey all the way back to the beginning when Spencer and Kieran first discovered aquaponics in their college apartment in Roxbury, MA. Part 1 of the series starts with the inception of the idea to building out the first system in Spencer’s backyard right up to the point where the boys try to make the transition to commercial.

In part 2 of the series, we start right where we left off as the boys try to navigate learning how to be commercial farmers and learning how to be entrepreneurs all at the same time. We cover some of the moments of disaster as well as the big triumphs and include the story behind the expansion to bring on Chief Development Officer Eric Francis.

4. Industry News:

Citizen Farm Uses Food Waste To Grow Insects For Its Aquaponics Fish Food – A new aquaponics farm in Singapore is adding new meaning to the term closed loop. They are trying to keep their fish feed as well as their water use entirely closed loop. They use food scraps from their farm as well as food waste from local grocers and restaurants to raise Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a protein-rich source of fish food. Check out the details here.

Climeworks Capture CO2 From The Air And Recycles It To Grow Plants – Climeworks is a new organization that is tackling carbon pollution head-on with their technology that removes carbon from the atmosphere. The set their technology up around power plants to capture the carbon right where it is being generated. Their business model is then to sell the captured carbon back to greenhouse growers who use it to increase produce yields by up to 20%. To learn more about Climeworks click here.

5. FreshCSA Updates

FreshCSA will resume next week after the holiday break. Pickups will be in Meriden and Glastonbury as per usual from 330-630pm. Christmas and new years weeks will have pickup days on Tuesday to accommodate for the holiday. Our full schedule can be found on our events page here.

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