Weekly Harvest 11/3/2017

Happy Friday!

In typical New England fashion, we can’t decide whether we want it to be fall or stay as summer. We’re enjoying the extended season though as are our plants. For those of you who garden in the soil, make sure to collect your leaves and add them to your beds to compost over the winter and set up your soil with a nice new nutrient-rich layer come spring. If you have a system in a greenhouse, you can pack your leaves along the base along the outside of your structure for some added insulation!

In this week’s harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: Prince Tech

A.I Prince Technical High School in Hartford, CT is the latest school to receive aGrow aquaponics systems. We installed two over the past two days for them to use surrounding various STEM areas for practical hands on training growing food utilizing aquaponics. It’s great to see a technical school branch out like this and adopt a strategy of classroom learning in a field that’s been named by some to be one of the top job areas in the next 20 years! Check out their install in the pics below.

2. Company News

We got the final plants into the system this week and will begin the harvests for FreshCSA starting Nov. 13. Those who purchased a CSA will be receiving an email next week with the details and availability for your CSA pickup. In addition, we continued our installations across the CREC school district this week. Check out the blog post on that in the next section. We also were featured on Ann Nyberg’s series Nyberg where our CEO Spencer Curry discussed our new farm in Meriden, our goal for our business in the next few years, and whats to come next for Trifecta. Check out the entire interview below.


3. Blog Updates

Aquaculture Standard Operating Procedures – For a lot of folks thinking about taking the plunge into aquaponics the fish can be the aspect of aquaponics that causes the greatest uncertainty. Most gardeners are not familiar with aquaculture and even more folks are new to raising both plants and fish. The prospect of learning how to care for both at once can admittedly be a bit daunting. Well with this week’s blog we cover all the ins and outs of fish care so that there is no need for prior experience and no need to sweat over it. Grab our Aquaculture SOP and be confident you can care for any fish you choose, ornamental or edible.

CREC Project Update – We’re about halfway through with our installs of ten aquaponics systems across various schools within the CREC district. Head on over to our blog to see the progress so far and what still lays ahead for this project. We’re super excited over the enthusiasm and interest we’ve received by both the students and the teachers that will be using these systems as a learning tool. The real fun will begin when we get to start bringing the fish and the plants to their systems! Till then catch up on the project update here.

4. Industry News

Berlin Just Got A Little Fishier –  Ecofriendly Farmsystems just launched one of Europe’s largest aquaponics systems in downtown Berlin. The farm raises basil and perch primarily with a small assortment of rotating crops throughout the season. ECF hopes to use this as a pilot project to garner interest and funding to expand with farms around Europe.

AeroFarms Series D Round Closes At $40 Million – AeroFarms finally finished their series D funding round which now totals $40 million dollars. They’ve added a few international investors with the hopes of expanding farms internationally with a focus on the Middle East. This brings their total funding to $130 million dollars! They should have plenty of capital to spread their farms and their mission around the globe.

5. Product Spotlight

This is the last week you can get a FreshCSA share for this initial round. The FreshCSA will run for ten weeks starting November 13th. Each week you will receive all the fixings to make 5 side salads for two people, or 5 dinner sized salads for one. Everything will be harvested the same day as your pickup, ensuring you fresh greens all week long. We are featuring pickup locations at our commercial farm in Meriden as well as in Glastonbury across the street from the high school’s Hubbard street entrances. To grab a FreshCSA share before its too late. We only have 30 spots available and are anticipating a sellout!. Grab yours today right here.


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