Weekly Harvest 11/10/2017

Happy Friday!

We hope everyone had a busy and productive week. We know we certainly did. We continued our installs across the CREC school district. We got a bunch of new catfish from the Sound School, an aquaculture technical high school in New London. We also taste tested some produce from the system this week in preparation for the start of FreshCSA next week. In this week’s harvest, we’ll also check out the blog posts from this week, see the industry news and much more!

In this week’s harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: Sound School

Technically this week we were their client as we picked up 75 catfish from the Sound School in New London. The sound school is a technical High School that focuses learning around aquaculture. They have an extremely impressive facility and are doing a lot of research on various fresh and saltwater species. The standout to us was their lobster breeding setup, it was fascinating to see the baby lobsters and learn how hands-on the process is while they are in their infant stage of growth. We happened to be there while they were doing a fish fry and got to try out their barramundi. From harvest to stomach was about ten minutes in total, you cannot get any fresher than that and with a little hot sauce on the side was easily one of the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

It was a fun time, and it was nice that we were able to find a catfish provider in the state that we could support. Them being a school made it even better and we hope to set up a field trip with them to our farm in Meriden later this year to give their students another perspective on aquaculture and potential careers in that area of expertise.

2. Company updates

This week we had a lot of activity both out in the field and on the farm. We introduced fish to 4 of the CREC systems this week. We’ll be adding the fish in two cohorts so as not to overpopulate the system with ammonia before the plants get in. We also began installing the sensor and controller units on the aGrow systems they will be receiving.

This week we also grabbed those new catfish for our farm in Meriden. We got 75 from the Sound School in New London. These fish are about 4-6 inches in size. We really wanted to get fish of this size so we could establish cohorts of various sizes in each of our four aquaculture tanks. With four cohorts all at various stages of growth, we can harvest one tank each quarter without disturbing the balance between the fish and the plants if we had all fish at the same size and needing to be harvested at the same time the system would go out of balance.

3. Blog Updates

You can eat a plant? – 3 reasons why classroom gardening is needed more than ever.  – Classroom gardening can have a tremendous impact on students. From increasing their engagement and excitement to learn to bridging the gap between kids and their relationship with their food. It’s incredible the impact it can have. Think of classrooms before computers and then after computers and the impact of the computer as a learning tool. Aquaponics is on that same level. Check out the blog to learn why.

So You think you can plant? Hydroponics Standard Operating Procedures – If you’re ready to get growing aquaponically we’ve made it super easy with this new guide. It walks you through all the standard operating procedures we follow on our own farms and systems to ensure that we are growing to our fullest potential. The abundance of produce you get from aquaponics is what makes it one of the best ways to grow food, make sure you are doing yourself justice and follow our guide to create your own aquaponic abundance right at home!.

4. Industry News

Knox Receives $200,000 grant from Bank of America – Our friends at the Knox Foundation in Hartford received some fantastic news this week. They received $200,000 from Bank of America sustain and expand their efforts in Hartford. Knox works to greenscape Hartford, offer community gardens, teach residents about urban farming and urban sustainability and so much more. Having worked with them a few times over the years we’ve seen first hand the impact they have on the community. We’re super happy for them and can’t wait to see how much this will improve their already impressive work in Hartford.

Plenty’s First Commercial Farm Right In Bezos’s Backyard. – With Bezos as one of 6 investors in their last round that raised $200 million, it is not surprising to see Plenty will take root near Seattle with its first commercial farm. Located Kent, WA just outside of Seattle (also home to many Amazon facilities) the team plans to be producing by early next year. This will be the first of over 200 farms the organization plans to build around the world in major metropolitan areas.

5. Product Showcase

FREE Educators Workshop – Next week we will be hosting a FREE workshop for teachers and administrators who want to learn about how to bring aquaponics to their schools. Wednesday and Thursday we will be hosting two workshops from 830-1030am and 12-2pm both days. If you’re curious about how aquaponics integrates and benefits the classroom learning experience then this is a must attend. You can sign up for the time slot that best fits your schedule here.

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