Weekly Harvest 10/6/2017

Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy week as more and more of the farm is coming together. We got the first few thousand plants into the system (no that’s not a typo) and got our first cohort of 200 catfish in as well. In addition, in this week’s harvest, we’ll check out upcoming events, learn some great facebook groups for aquaponics learning, discover what we can and can’t plant in aquaponics, check in on industry news and much more!

In This Week’s Harvest:

1. Event Spotlight

In lieu of our client spotlight column, we thought we’d share an opportunity our readers might enjoy. Uconn Ag extension has some great workshops for those looking to become hydroponic farmers. The Greenhouse Research & Extension Program at UConn is organizing two workshops on greenhouse vegetables. The workshop on Nov. 11 will help new farmers learn how to establish and manage a hydroponic system. The second workshop (Dec. 9) is intended for experienced growers who would like to improve their production practices in hydroponic or soilless systems.  Both workshops will take place at UConn-Storrs. For more information go to: http://greenhouse.uconn.edu/workshops/

2. Company Updates

This week we got the first big cohort of plants into the system. These plants will spend just five weeks in the system before they are ready for a harvest the first week of November. If you’d like to get in on the awesome produce we will be growing all winter long check out FreshCSA in section 5 below! In addition to getting over 2000 plants into the system, we also received our first cohort of catfish. We got 200 catfish about 2-3 inches big. These guys are just one of four cohorts. They will be grown from their little size to full grown over the next 10-12 months.

3. Blog Updates

Is there a limit to what you can grow in aquaponics? – Aquaponics is a great way to grow your own food, but many are under the impression it really only excels at growing leafy greens and herbs. And while that is true, and the focus of most commercial growers, it turns out that you can grow just about anything that grows in soil. In this blog, we look at people who are growing everything from papaya and banana trees to things like potatoes and ginger. As long as you know what you want to grow up front, you can design a system that will meet those needs. Hop on over to the blog to see just how much you can grow with aquaponics.

Top 5 aquaponics Facebook groups for beginners – When we first got started in aquaponics there weren’t even 5 Facebook groups that existed. Now it seems like there are 500 and deciding which one is worth it can be difficult. We’ve been following the groups pretty closely and have identified our top 5 for beginners and those looking to take this knowledge from beginner to the next level. Facebook is great because essentially everyone is on the platform and we show you which groups you can connect with the pros in the industry and where you can get the advice you can trust. If you are thinking about starting aquaponics or want to take your knowledge to the next level, these are the groups that can help you get there.

4. Industry News

A Converted Underground Air-Raid Shelter Now Feeding London Residents – An Air-Raid shelter built for WWII in London is seeing a new lease on life. It’s now an urban farm that grows micro and baby-greens for local London residents and restaurants. This is a prime example of how these days as long as you have access to water and a power source you can grow food anywhere. In fact, the controlled environment of the shelter actually provides the perfect year-round environment for the plants. Read the full story on the blog.

World’s First Solar-Powered Indoor Farm Comes To Philadelphia – Metropolis farms is betting on the sun in Philadelphia as they have built the world’s first all solar-powered indoor farm. This will be a huge feat if they can pull it off, the solar has been installed and they plan to begin farming this November. This will address a lot of the industry’s detractors that believe indoor farming is too energy intensive to ever be sustainable. If Metropolis Farms can get all their energy needs from their 2000+ solar panels they will have set the precedent for sustainability and the benchmark for others to improve upon. Their goal is to create a Carbon-neutral farm and this is their first step towards that goal. Check out the full story on the blog

5. Featured Product

There are only three weeks left to get in on FreshCSA for this year’s shares which run November through the end of December. If you want to end your year right with fresh, local and delicious produce grown without any pesticides or herbicides sign up for FreshCSA today. We’ve got the plants in the system and we’re going to have a great first harvest for everyone who joins in! As an added bonus, if you would like your share to have an extra impact in the community, use coupon code “United Way” and we will donate 10% of your purchase to the United Way of Meriden & Wallingford to help them to support local non-profits in the community.


Thanks so much for following our journey and reading weekly about our progress! We are so grateful for our following and the support we receive from the community.

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