Weekly Harvest 10/20/17

Happy Friday!

It’s the week that decided to become fall! Most of Connecticut experienced its first frost this week as temperatures are finally getting to where they ought to be this year. We’ve all benefitted from an extended summer and got a few extra weeks worth from our summer crops. Now is the time to start taking season extension measures if you plan on growing through the winter. Check out our winter gardening series for inspiration that will help you extend your season whether you grow in soil on with aquaponics!

In This Week’s Harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: CREC Schools

We began the installation of 5 aGarden aquaponics systems across 4 CREC Schools for 6-12 graders this week. We’ll be continuing installations through the weekend and hope to have this first round completed by the end of next week. These aGarden systems will be packaged with our High School Curriculum which includes a fall and spring unit to keep the education going year round We are also working on a K-12 curriculum which should be available for all schools later this year; no aquaponics system necessary! In the meantime check out the gallery of the progress so far below.

2. Company Updates

This week we got another cohort of plants into the system. Over 1250 plants get added each week and we are now only a few weeks away from our first harvest. We’re also seeing the growth pick up as the system is completing its cycling and the nitrate (plant food) levels are starting to go up a bit. We expect the growth pace to pick up even more over the next week and a half as the cycling completes its course. We also lost our first fish in the system. Unfortunately, a handful of the catfish are no longer with us. During cycling, the nitrite levels got a bit on the high side and it was unfortunately too much for a few of the smaller guys. It never feels good to lose a fish but we should be in the clear now that cycling has almost completed its course our nitrite levels are on their way down to zero over the next few days.

Aquaponics is just like any other form of farming, especially at the commercial level. There will always be a loss the occasional loss of fish and plants. There will always be more to learn. As we get the system close to its cycling point we are really starting to see things come around and the plants are looking better and better each day. Below are some photos from the past week.

3. Blog Posts

Prepping the Arc of Midstate For Fall Aquaponics Growing – As the weather started to cool this week we began the process of transition from summer crops to fall crops for the Arc of Midstate. They grow in a heated greenhouse and in an unheated warehouse so all of there systems need to adapt to cooler temps. But they also benefit from a bit of climate control so they can still grow a wider variety than most through the fall and winter. Hop over to the blog to check out what they’ll be growing for the next few months.

Plants – Your Edible Filtration – Plants are the key component to keeping your fish happy and in a safe and enjoyable environment. So it’s important to know all the factors that go into keeping healthy and strong plants. If your plants are not excelling it could cause your nitrate levels to rise and affect the fish. WIth that in mind we’ve gone through all the considerations you need to make in order to grow amazing abundant crops in your aquaponics system. See all the factors you need to be successful from the day you start.

4. Industry News

Kappa Farms Invests $865,000 For New Aquaponics Farm – Kappa Farms is set to break ground in the D.C. area with a new commercial aquaponics farm. They are committing $8650,000 to the project that they hope will employ 21 local residents. They’ll be focussing on microgreen, baby green, and herb production. The company hopes to produce over $7 million worth of lettuce over the next three years for the D.C metro area.

UAE Center Uses Aquaponics To Employ Individuals With Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities – The UAE Zayed Agricultural Center uses aquaponics and farming as one of six tools to develop and employ individuals with special needs. The center built one of the largest commercially successful aquaponics systems in the world that can employ up to 40 students at any given time. This is one of the best and largest examples of aquaponics as a tool for hard and soft skill development as well as a therapeutic tool for empowerment. You won’t want to miss this facility as it was the largest ever built at the time of its construction!

5. Only A Few FreshCSA Shares Left!

There are only a limited amount of spots left in our FreshCSA program! Don’t miss out on your chance to get fresh, locally grown greens that won’t be easily available in your local supermarket throughout the fall and winter – all for only $200. Each FreshCSA share contains a salad pack that’s good for 5 side salads for two people or 5 dinner salads for one person. Click here to get your share!

Green Oak Leaf and Red Butter leaf are just two of dozen of greens that will be apart of your FreshCSA
Green Oak Leaf and Red Butter leaf are just two of a dozen of delicious greens that will be apart of your FreshCSA



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