Weekly Harvest 10/13/17

Happy Friday!

In this week’s harvest we check in on our installs for the CREC school system. We also hit another milestone on the farm, check out the best plants and fish for any aquaponics system and check out what’s new in the industry.

In this week’s harvest:

1.Client Spotlight: CREC Schools

This weekend we will start the installs of new aGarden and aGrow aquaponics systems for the CREC school system. This spring we signed a deal with CREC to bring systems to all of their high schools and a few middle schools. We also worked with them to develop a curriculum around aquaponics that is both common-core and Next Generation Science Standards Compliant. We’ve been busy all week cutting all the parts, prepping the tanks and plumbing and began delivering the components today. We’ll start the assembly this weekend while the kids are out of school.

2. Company Updates
Lettuces are starting to grow up!
Lettuces are starting to grow up!

This week we planted another 1320 plants into the system and are two weeks away from the system being fully planted out and three weeks out from the first harvest from the system. We’ve been tweaking and making adjustments as we go along and are at a place where our system is cycling and the nitrogen cycle has been established. With this milestone achieved we should really start to see the growth pick up more and more each week.

3. Blog Posts

Best Plants For Aquaponics – Aquaponics can grow anything you set your mind to grow. Yet there are a few plants that really stand out above the rest as thriving in an aquaponics system. We go over our top five favorites to grow in both a hobby system and in a commercial system. If you’re thinking about aquaponics at any scale, these are the plants we’d recommend starting with to set yourself up for success.

Fish – Your Friendly Fertilizer Factory – Just like certain plants stand out among the rest the same goes for the fish side of your aquaponics system. Any freshwater fish can technically be used for aquaponics but certain fish seem to thrive in an aquaponics system better than others. When choosing your fish there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. In this post, we walk you through the pros and cons of every common fish species for aquaponics and end with our recommendations for what you should grow based on your growing goals, system size, and growing environment.

4. Industry News

Kingsborough Community College Teaches Urban Farming To Brooklyn Youth – Kingsborough Community College opened up it urban farm this summer to over 30 students to participate in an urban farming program that taught them about urban farming techniques and sustainable farming techniques. The students went through a 5-week program and then came up with business ideas they could start based off of their experiences in the program. Click over to the blog to read the full details on this awesome program initiative.

Edgerton High School Plans Aquaponics Project For STEM Education – Edgerton High in Wisconsin is the latest high school to realize the endless possibilities of using aquaponics as a teaching tool. They planned a full scale production greenhouse project to teach high school students about STEM subject matter as well as business and entrepreneurship. Schools around the country are realizing the potential of aquaponics as a teaching tool and we hope to see more and more of these projects every week. Check out their greenhouse design on the blog.

5. Product Spotlight

There are only two weeks left to get in on FreshCSA for this year’s shares which run November through the end of December. If you want to end your year right with fresh, local and delicious produce grown without any pesticides or herbicides sign up for FreshCSA today. We’ve got the plants in the system and we’re going to have a great first harvest for everyone who joins in! As an added bonus, if you would like your share to have an extra impact in the community, use coupon code “United Way” and we will donate 10% of your purchase to the United Way of Meriden & Wallingford to help them to support local non-profits in the community.

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