Wednesday Weekly Harvest – 11/22/17

Happy Wednesday!

This week we have a bit of an abbreviated weekly harvest due to the holiday weekend. We’re excited to share time and food with friends and family, overeat to a completely unnecessary level and then not move from the couch for hours! We hope everyone is able to spend quality time with the people in their lives they cherish most, break some bread and relax.

This year we are especially grateful for our FreshCSA members, who got a brand new share this week we hope they’ll be able to share with their friends and family. It’s especially humbling this time of year to think we have even the slightest contribution to the feast. It’s great to be back to farming year round and helping to serve our community with fresh, local produce!

In This Weeks Harvest:

1. Client Spotlight: Bristol Adult Resource Center

Chives. Parsley and Sage newly transplanted into the BARC vertical aquaponics system.
Chives. Parsley and Sage newly transplanted into the BARC vertical aquaponics system.

This week we checked in with the Bristol Adult Resource Center. We just came up on a year with our relationship with the BARC and stopped by to check out their system and offer some help in replanting for the winter. The BARC runs a nursery greenhouse where they sell potted house plants, garden seedlings, potted cooking herbs and much more year round. They also have an aquaponics system which grows herbs for their on-site Eatery.

This week we transplanted a few of their herbs that didn’t well for the season but would do great in the aquaponics over the winter. We transplanted chives, sage, and parsley into their vertical aquaponics system. These cut and come again herbs will do nicely over the winter and produce fro them well into the spring. The BARC aquaponics system is in a greenhouse but has a supplemental lighting system to extend the day during these short winter months. It is also heated so these plants are going to love their transition.

2. Company News

This Week’s FreshCSA Harvest:

  • Red and Green Butter Leaf Lettuce
  • Red and Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
  • Muir Crisp Green Lettuce
  • Red Cross Boston Butter Leaf Lettuce
  • Dwarf Siberian Kale

In addition to our farm’s harvest, we will also be including bell peppers, thyme, and sage from Urth Farms in New Britain. Urth Farms is a 3.5-acre organic farm right in downtown New Britain. They grow year-round in 7 greenhouses and we will be featuring some of their winter harvests throughout the season. To learn more about Urth farms, check out their website here.

3. Blog Updates

Hydroponics – Supplies and Consumables – Even though the fish provide the majority of the plant’s nutrition, making sure the plant growing side of our operation, or hydroponics, is successful does take a bit more than just feeding your fish. You’ll want to make sure you are ready for any potential pests, know what supplements you’ll need to grow the plants you intend on growing and more. In this week’s post, we cover the common supplies and consumables to grow a wide variety of plants. We also offer a free questionnaire for you to send to us about your personal grow plan with the offer to identify everything you need to grow to your fullest potential. If you’re new to plant growing in general or want to make sure you’re not missing anything making the transition to aquaponics, check out this helpful guide here.

4. Industry News

“Growing Brooklyn’s Future” Is Getting Hands-On With Green Learning – Brooklyn’s Edward R. Murrow High School is taking agricultural education to a whole new level with their new rooftop greenhouse. The greenhouse includes an aquaponics system which is going to be used as a learning tool for their new curriculum focussed on STEM and sustainability. We’re huge fans of aquaponics as a classroom learning tool and love the idea of combining it with rooftop agriculture and other sustainability practices to create an entire learning experience using sustainable technologies and practices. This is one of many examples in Brooklyn and NYC we’ve covered this year and the trend of combining education with agriculture is certainly on the rise. Read the full story here.

5. Featured Product

We’ve Got Some Exciting Deals Coming Your Way!

Keep an eye out this holiday weekend on our website, email newsletter, and social pages for some awesome announcements – your health, cooking routine, and wallet will thank you! (hint, hint…)

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