Sky Greens is Singapore’s Most Innovative Urban Farm

Sky Greens in Singapore is the World’s First Low Carbon, Hydraulic Driven Vertical Farm.

Sky Greens uses a patented vertical farming system in which rotating tiers of grow troughs rotate around an A-frame structure for increased growth per sqft without the need to supplemental lighting like in most tiered greenhouse operations. This keeps their carbon footprint low while maintaining high volume output in a small square footage.

Their frame can be as tall as 9 meters with up to 38 tiers of growing troughs. By rotating around the frame, the plants receive uniform sunlight,

Sky Greens unique vertical growing system
Sky Greens in Singapore uses patented vertical growing technology. Photo Cred: Sky Greens

irrigation, and nutrients as they pass through different points in the structure. The rotation is powered by a patented hydraulic water-driven system which harnesses flowing water and gravity to move the troughs around the units.

According to their website, Sky Greens’ mission is to become “the world leading solution provider for integrated, sustainable and green urban technology.”

Their mission is to “constantly provide improved agricultural solutions with minimal impact on land, water and energy resources through invention and innovation. To help cities actualise food supply security and food safety targets. To promote and enable seamless integration of low carbon footprint agriculture into urban living.”

Sky Greens has been experimenting with vertical farming units and solutions since 2009 and after testing its final prototype began farming commercially in 2012. Since then they have been lauded and awarded for their innovations in the field. They were showcased at the World Cities Summit in 2012 to international representatives from private and government sectors. In 2014 they received the Singapore Sustainability Award by the Singapore Business Federation. They have continued to receive awards for their innovation and sustainability.

To see a full list of their accomplishments and learn more about their techniques check out their website here.


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