People of Gaza Strip Turn to Rooftop Aquaponics

Rooftop Aquaponics Farmer in Gaza Strip
Rooftop Aquaponics in Gaza. Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency

Times of war are perilous and the people of Gaza Strip know that more than anyone. They’ve been in active resistance for several years and as a result, much of their farmland has been occupied or designated for military use.

The Gaza Strip and its people have resisted all wars imposed on them and are committed to their ongoing resistance.

In order to keep up the resistance, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of resistance economy.

For this reason, the people of the Gaza Strip have adopted their rooftops to gardens and farms in order to create better food security, create jobs for those not in the war directly and to teach the modern principles of agriculture to the people.

Interestingly enough, many of the rooftops are using aquaponics to provide year-round growth of crops, save on water used for irrigation and to provide protein and abundant vegetables all from one roof.

It’s quite an inspiring triumph for the people in the midst of ongoing turmoil. To read the full story, complete with interviews of school teachers and citizen aquaponics rooftop farmers click here.


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