Mexico Invests $4.1 Million in Local Agtech Funds

Mexico Invests in Local AgTech Funds

The Mexican Government invests $4.1 million dollars to support 3 local AgTech funds. The aim of these funds is to help the AgTech funds bring start-up and university research projects actualize commercialization.  The Investment comes from the Capitalization and Investment Fund for the Rural Sector which estimates that this investment brings the worth of the three firms to just under $40 Million giving them the potential to invest in about 40 startups.

The funds are starting to focus on investing in companies at earlier stages which will allow them to diversify and support more startups without the need to increase allocatable funds.

Mexico is the leader in the world at Avocados and Tomatoes yet it has never really been a major player in the AgTech development. 

This investment is in new Mexican Agriculture funds focussed primarily on Agriculture. The funding was split between Ercus Abaco Fund, Innova Camp and Enture.

Mexico is the latest of a long line of countries to make a concerted effort to support agriculture and more specifically AgTech. As we’ve been writing, Food Security and sub sectors like AgTech are some of the best potential investments to make this century. Mexico recognizes this and as a result, has made it a priority to support their local AgTech startups and help them on the path to commercialization.

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