MBA Student Brings Aquaponics Back Home to Malawi

It rarely gets better than a news story like this!

Lakeland University MBA student Patrick Tembwe, who is from Malawi, plans to start an aquaponics farm back in his homeland with the help of his soon to be alma mater Lakeland University and Lake Orchard Aquaponics near Haven, Wis.

Patrick Harvests Fish during Training With Lake Orchard
Patrick Receiving Training at Lake Orchard. Photo Cred: Gary Klein


Patrick, an MBA student at Lakeland University, went to Lakeland as an undergraduate and is now back as an MBA student with a penchant for aquaponics. He was introduced to the concept of aquaponics at school and was fascinated by its potential as a method fo farming and as a potential business.

Patrick along with 4 other Lakeland students, who range from biology majors to business majors, are working at a local commercial farm before taking the concept to his native Malawi. Lake Orchard Aquaponics is partnering with the University and its students on this project to provide the practical skill and knowledge development the team of students will need in order to build their own aquaponics system.

Later this month Patrick and team will head off to Malawi and put their practice to the test. To check out the full story and read interviews with Patrick and his team check out the full story here.

Patrick’s dedication to bringing aquaponics where he sees its needed most is exactly the type of inspiring story we look for in the aquaponics community. So many of us are dedicated to bringing real change to the food landscape in our local neighborhoods and cities. We wish Patrick and his team the best of luck!

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