The Mari House is teaching young kids urban farming in suburban setting

In Rawang, the Mari House stands out in its secluded suburban setting, as a bustling hub of urban farm education for young kids.

If you were on the look for an urban farm, traveling down the road to the Mari House might have you thinking you were in the wrong place. You’d be passing by mansions and manicured lawns resembling a gated community in the United States. Not exactly the backdrop you’d be thinking would house an urban farming youth education hub.

Youth learn urban farming skills at the Mari House in Malaysia.
Youth learn urban farming skills at the Mari House in Malaysia.

At the Mari House, the space was designed in such a way that eases students into farming in a familiar and comfortable setting as opposed to the typical rural or urban farm.

The approximately two acres of land is divided into three parts, the huge house, the lawn for events. and the farm. In only 5 months of operation, the Mari House is changing people’s relationship with their food. It’s only by growing their own vegetables that kids and parents alike learn how much work it takes to grow something organically, without the use of pesticides and weed killers.

The Mari House is open to anyone who would like to volunteer and learn about urban farming. It’s a popular destination for parents and their kids, as the kids get taught the process of growing, tending and harvesting vegetables to appreciate the care that goes into bringing food to the table and stewarding the land so its fertile for the next batch of crops.

To read more about this unique Malaysian based farm with interviews of the founders check out the original article here.



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