Kingsborough Community College Teaches Urban Farming To Brooklyn Youth

Brooklyn Students Learn Urban Farming This Summer At Kingsborough Community College

Students from all over Brooklyn attended Kingsborough Community College this summer to learn about Urban Farming. Nearly 30 high school students took part in Kingsborough’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative, which featured 5-week programs sponsored by AT&T.

Students At Kingsborough Community College Study Urban Farming.
Students At Kingsborough Community College Study Urban Farming. Photo Cred: AT&T via BDE

During the summer program, students worked on the Kingsborough Community College Urban Farm, studying real-world applications of urban farming along with the health and nutritional value of eating local fresh foods.

The students capped off the summer by using their new knowledge and first-hand experiences in urban farming to create their own business ideas around urban farming and sustainable business ideas. They pitched their ideas in a “Shark Tank” like event that featured a panel of judges that included AT&T executives, college administrators, and government officials.

The initiative was also aimed at presenting the continuing study of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as an exciting and relevant reality to the students.

Marissa Shorenstein, president of the East Region for AT&T, said the program gives students a leg up in a fast-changing world.

“Along with giving these students the unique opportunity to work on a farm in the heart of Brooklyn, this year’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative showed them that STEM informs so many aspects of our daily lives, down to the food we eat. Our hope is that this summer’s experiences will inspire these students to continue to pursue the study of STEM – in any form – throughout college and careers,” Shorenstein said.

The projects designed by the students included:

  • Community Composter: a solar-powered compost bin that manages decomposition of food scraps and browns into healthy and nutritious compost for community use
  • Connected Roots app: a skill-sharing app for beginner and professional farmers to share information about crop planning, pest and disease management, tool and farm equipment information and community events
  • Recycled Hydroponics: a system that uses recycled materials to build the growing structures that hold water and allow for soilless plant growing

The Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative is part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s education initiative that includes support for STEM programs in schools throughout the five boroughs.

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