Kimbal Musk’s Square Roots Raises $5million In Seed Round

Elon is not the only Musk brother making a big name for himself in the Musk household. His brother, Kimball (board member at SpaceX, Tesla, and Chipotle), has been making a big name for himself as well in the food industry with his various restaurant groups and more recently his agricultural business incubator. It’s the latter that he recently raised $5.4 million dollars for in a seed round.

Kimball started SquareRoots, his agricultural incubator, in the summer of 2016. His seed round closed shortly after its first full year of incubation.

Kimball started with 10 farmers in NYC that were set up to grow out of converted shipping containers. He aims to train 1000’s of millennials through his program and see’s that as the best way to address aging farmers, and get more technology savvy farmers growing food.

Musk says it’s now accepting applications for its second group of food entrepreneurs, selecting a city for its second location and it’s closed $5.4 million in seed funding.

Each class of Square Roots selects 10 people who participate in a yearlong program where they’re trained in urban farming while also putting that training to use by growing food in Square Roots facilities.

Square Roots says its farmers are now distributing greens to more than 80 offices in New York City, and they’re also working with local restaurants.

“There is undoubtedly a lot of work ahead of us, and this funding will only help accelerate that,” Musk writes. “From hardware and software projects to help farmers grow more real food using fewer resources; to expanding our programming so we can support more entrepreneurs. We’re building a future where every person on the planet has a direct relationship with their farmer — who is producing locally grown food that people can trust.”


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